Cuban Libertarian Movement

Solidarity with the People of Cuba, Not with Castro

June 2003

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFT) and Castro’s fascist dictatorship in Cuba reveal their cynicism with their recent call to establish an International Anti-Fascist Front. How does the last fascist dictatorship in Latin America dare to speak of anti-fascism! How does the WFT dare to speak of anti-fascist trade unionism from Havana,the last stronghold of the vertical syndicates pioneered by the former fascist dictator of Spain, Francisco Franco!Today, in the face of the neo-Nazism and forced Westernization promoted by the butcher, Bush Jr., the union of global anti-authoritarian and libertarian forces in an international solidarity alliance is urgent. But we must not fall into cynicism and the Manicheanism of calling for solidarity with a so-called “anti-fascist front” that originates in the general headquarters of Franco-Castroism, in whose dungeons fighters for social justice, trade union activists,poets, independent journalists and prisoners of conscience are currently rotting. Cuban libertarians have always been present in the anti-fascist struggle. Many of our comrades fought, arms in hand, alongside the comrades of the CNT(National Confederation of Labor), and the FAI (Iberian Anarchist Federation) against Franco-Fascism. Today we reaffirm once again our anti-fascist position and recognize the necessity of a union of revolutionary anti-authoritarian forces against Yankee Nazism. But we equally condemn the Franco-Castroism that today oppresses our brothers, sisters and comrades on the island of Cuba.

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Translated by Ron Tabor.