Title: The Annan 'Plan'
Date: 2002/3
Source: http://welcometocypruselephant.blogspot.com/2010/05/anan-plan.html

Once again we are spectators in the same recital: prospects for resolving the ‘Cyprus problem’ and in the end naufrage. For most of the people living these events, no surprises. People are tired of leveling everything in Cyprus where everyone feels unable to act beyond their immediate interests because of the political problem.

The new element this time has been called ‘Annan plan’, taken from the name of the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Anan, authoritarian puppet of the globalised murderers. There is no longer any doubt as to where the text of the plan which was given to the leaders of the 2 states in Cyprus – recognised - or not, was concocted.

Starting off from our conviction that any plan that comes from a the point of view of power and the State can never lead to a liberating perspective for society but rather the maintenance of authoritarian thesmomis with more and more control and repression. Its final aim is the submission of the whole of society to the imperatives of the State and capital, therefore we shouldn’t even be entering the dilemma of whether to accept or reject it.

We wouldn’t want the above position to be misconstrued as an indication that the anarchists are allied to or in any way support the nationalist hysteria of the last few days. Individuals until recently quite uninterested in what is happening around them (from the asphyxiating police State in the streets to the ongoing slaughter in Palestine) have suddenly been transformed into fanatical supporters of ‘human rights’ and ‘international justice’ demanding respect for human values like freedom, respect and solidarity.
Misery, self interest, and hypocrisy from people who don’t even know that millions of people have died from the war and embargoes in Iraq, that human beings are being butchered in wars of dominion that are still going on, how many die daily from hunger, disease, inhuman conditions of labour… The creation of the F cells in shit Greece is a ‘detail’ that is not worthy of any protest..celebrate and glorify the ridiculous politics of Cyprus in Greece for the accession into the ‘European Union’. When you wake up you will see that the real problems are still here, then you will realise that freedom is a word that is easy to say but difficult to conquer.

As far as the notorious Annan plan is concerned, we as anarchists having no prophetic capabilities, know full well that any plan that is signed will be imposed from above according to the interests of the so-called new world order and of the local bosses. The argument that the people will decide via referendum is the same as that which says that we decide for our lives and for our future through elections, ignoring the power of manipulative mechanisms of the State and authority where the manufacturing of opinion has already been turned into a science. Recently a journalist in a political broadcast about the Cypriot problem alerted his guests that ‘we have to watch what we say because we create public opinion’! Another characteristic example of propaganda from the media of mass deception is on the first day of the debate of the new plan by the national council of Cyprus, television channels that disagree with the plan talked about ‘dynamic’ protest outside the presidential palace, implying obviously the five or six persons who were standing on the pavement holding placards!!!

Naturally the prospects of the two communities living and struggling together has preoccupied and enraged the nationalist fascists of both sides, who are trying with every possible means to rally their defeated forces first of all by doing obvious. They target the subconscious of the people, trying to awaken selective memories of slaughter, persecution, unrest, creating a climate of fear in the prospect of ‘any solution’ of the Cyprus problem. And this is not that difficult to achieve if you consider how opinions are formed through the educational system where the teaching of hatred and mythisization of abstract concepts like nation and the superiority of race has not ceased.