Title: Decolonial Apocalypticism
Subtitle: Dismantling Institutions of Colonial Oppression
Author: Anonymous
Date: JUNE 7, 2020
Source: Retrieved on 2020-12-28 from https://iaf-fai.org/2020/06/07/decolonial-apocalypticism/

Hey y’all this is my first post. Thank you for letting me contribute. These are tough times we are facing as colonized peoples. This apocalypse is scary, but necessary. As it is not an apocalypse aimed at us, but our oppressors. The time has come that settler colonialism is to fall and we are to make sure of that. We’ve faced an oppressive death for far too long and to see the state crumble is a beautiful site. That doesn’t mean we won however. The oppressors are desperately trying to hold on to power killing us in the process. Its not over until we dismantle every institution of colonial oppression. We do so by adopting something I like to call Decolonial Apocalypticism.

Decolonial Animist Apocalypticism

This world in it’s current form must end so we can prepare a new one. That’s what is mean by Decolonial Animist Apocalypticism. We as colonized people must bring about and end to this world. The highest form of decolonial spiritual and physical praxis is apocalyptic. DAA is a mindset and lifestyle not a theory.

Tenets of Decolonial Animist Apocalypticism

  1. Our Mother Earth

    The Earth is our mother it is our duty to protect her by any means necessary. To rid her of the poison of settler colonial white supremacy

  2. Settler Colonialism Is A Poison

    A poison that must be eradicated. All structures of settler colonialism dismantled. All settler colonial based laws disobeyed.

  3. Spiritual Praxis

    Trust in the spirits. Connect with each other at the soul level. Connect with our Mother Earth.

  4. Mutual Aid

    Mutual Aid is key to growing comradary especially during these hard times

  5. Death to Patriarchy

    Patriarchy and all its tenets must be dismantled

  6. Death and Rebirth

    To except death knowing we’ll be reborn is the ultimate liberation.

This requires constant mental, physical, and spiritual labor for us to have any chance of succeeding. This is the only opportunity that we will get to change this world. A moment when the oppressor is showing signs of weakness and desperation. That is our moment to strike.