Youth liberation is the goal of anti-ageism work, as well as something we can practice in the now. Childishness has long been discarded as “silly” and “irrational” when in fact it connects us to freedom. Young people are some of the least indoctrinated and most open-minded community members. Our curiosity and playfulness fuels the imagination needed to fight for this freedom.

Youth liberation is self-determination, power, and autonomy for young people so we can be who we are, rather than what adults and the state want us to be. In an attempt to control us, we are often divided into “bad kids” who disobey and “good kids” who mold themselves to the will of adults. DELINQUENCY offers us a framework for us to embrace our already rebellious ways or reclaim it for ourselves by resisting adult supremacy.

Youth liberation is chatting back, acting out and standing up which, despite often being criminalised and pathologised, are reactions to the frustrating discrimination that young people experience.

Resistance is the only response to repression…

What does youth liberation mean to you?