Title: Letter from some unknown part of the world
Author: Diego Rios
Source: Retrieved on December 26, 2009 from www.non-fides.fr
Notes: On the 24th of June, the Jhonny Cariqueo Social Centro was ransacked by the ‘Grupo de Operaciones Especiales (GOPE)’, Special Forces of the Chilean State, as part of investigations into recent bombings against the government and capitalist institutions. They were searching for our comrade Diego Rios because they had found a bag with material for the manufacture of explosives in the house of his mother. The police didn’t find Diego, and were met with dead silence by the comrades in the house at this time. It is now two weeks since Diego took the decision to go on the run, refusing to fall in the hands of the enemy, assuming the position of an antagonist in society. Our comrade, we send our support and brotherly hugs. Our comrade, every day you evade the police is a strike at power!

To all the comrades that are in a position of war because they want to reclaim their lives: As many now know, the police entered the home of my mother in the centre of Sanitago where they found two bags with diverse materials for building explosives. Since that moment I have been searched for and pursued by the state and its repressive apparatus. I learned of this by telephone and then hours later learned that the police had gone to the Jhonny Cariqueo Social Centre and Libertarian Library (where I live) under the pretext of finding me and upon not finding me took all the texts, publications and propaganda that they could find. (they must have heard that saying about propaganda being a weapon!).

So I decided to run.

I am not guilty of anything but neither am I innocent... I am simply their enemy.

I don’t remember the day or a place when I decided that I could not live a tranquil, peaceful life. I decided to complicate my life to the point of no return... Since then I am a declared enemy of the social order, enemy of society, of all forms of authority and exploitation, be it bourgeois or proletarian. I understood that the fight for freedom is the war of every individual for the reclamation of their lives. It is the refusal to be part of the mass, where someone else thinks for you and tells you how to act. It is the refusal of ideologies, the refusal of numbers and roles charged with a conformism and passivity that assures the continuation of the system (even with all the revolutionary rhetoric).

In the most important moments of growth in my life and in concrete attacks (material and ideological) that I realised against capitalism, I was always surrounded by people who did not conceive of horizontal organisation, it did not just mean a vote, but it was the product of a shared confidence and desire to destroy everything that oppressed us. Within this relationship I understood that the most effective weapon is this qualitative change; to attempt every day to make the whole of our lives a propaganda of the deed; to discover in our everyday lives that in every destructive impulse we create something that strengthens us. And it is this that today agitates my spirit and affirms my convictions, and consequently makes me proud and dignified.

In these days I can’t forget to mention the words of a prisoner who said “the anarchists carry prison in their genetics” and perhaps, in some senses this is true. We all know that prison is a possible consequence for those that attack the state and capital; who are not mere revolutionary simulations continuing on with a comfortable and assured life; I’m talking of the ones who believe it is necessary to augment and multiply the attack, taking as much care as possible to not fall into the hands of the enemy. I will avoid prison as much as I can. It is because of this that I accept my mistakes and I make a self critique with the intention of nurturing my insurrectional praxis. Today, I see that the affinity group that decides on action and counts on using the autonomous infrastructure (in all its manifestations) must develop their plans with the utmost security and trust. I stumbled with this mistake, but I believe that anti-authoritarians must be like salmon, and learn after every fall, continuing firmly against the current.

I send my love to all my brothers and sisters who are so far away from me now, only you can understand this... And to my enemies that analyze this text, be it to locate me or to write an academic or ideological response, I feel from you a profound disgust for the life I chose and defend. Axel Osorio, Christian Cancino and so many others.., by way of these words I send you a warm greeting and have certainty that many outside do not waste their lives but fight daily for the destruction of what today oppresses them, but I believe not even the prison can stop the fight against power.

For the destruction of all jails and cages.

We will make war on Society

Diego Rios.