Title: 11 Ukrainian parties were suspended. What’s going on?
Author: Dmitry Mrachnik
Date: 22 March 2022
Source: Retrieved on 23rd March 2022 from www.nihilist.li

11 Ukrainian political parties suspected of collaborating with Russian invaders have been suspended until martial law ends. On social media we can see a lot of false interpretations of this event as if President Zelensky made a fascist move and banned main left-wing parties.

  • Opposition Platform — For Life: An ultra-conservative party that spreaded conspiracy theories and hatred towards LGBT people. In addition, its cooperation with the occupiers is so undisguised that we don’t need to mention it once again. In its essence, the OpFL was the main agent of Russia’s influence.

  • Sharij’s Party: The leader of the party is an outspoken Nazi who hates Roma, Muslims, blacks, homosexuals, and everyone whom the Nazis are supposed to hate. At the same time, he is fighting ‘Ukrainian Nazism’ led by president Zelensky who is ethnic Jew.

  • Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine: Nazbol vortex, religious fundamentalists, racists and Russian ultranationalists. Aesthetically it was a cheap cosplay of North Korea. At the end of the party’s life, they simply supported pro-Russian presidential candidates.

  • Socialist Party of Ukraine: Party was taken over by OpFL member Ilya Kiva. In addition, the former leader Alexander Moroz moved to Belarus to glorify the wisdom of dictator Alexander Lukashenko, and the former ideologist moved to the occupied Crimea and accepted Russian citizenship.

  • Opposition bloc: Former zealots of fugitive pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, who begged Vladimir Putin to bring troops to Ukraine to suppress the 2014 revolution. A party of corrupt officials and obvious collaborators.

The other parties — Nashi, Left Opposition, Union of Left Forces, State, Socialists, Vladimir Saldo Bloc — have never been real political actors and occasionally emerged during the election as spoilers (except for Saldo who ended as an undisguised collaborator). The Ukrainian left had no contact with them, and I assume that the parties were controlled by the head of this ultra-conservative collaborationism.

Martial law is a time of tough decisions. In addition, I personally would not call temporary suspension of collaborating parties as something brutal. This is not imprisonment or extrajudicial executions. At the same time, the Ukrainian leftists — the real leftists, not the red-brown, bloody shit — are currently fighting against Russian fascism or helping the frontlines.