Title: Fascism reborn
Subtitle: We must slay it
Author: Dmitry Mrachnik
Date: 10 April 2022
Source: Retrieved on 11th April 2022 from www.nihilist.li
Notes: Translated by Andrii Chuvatkin.

Fascism reborn. Humanity thought that they destroyed it 77 years ago, but it survived and remained hidden. Fascism manifested itself in racism in Europe and USA; in Soviet totalitarianism where it destroyed any independent opinion; in the silent, hidden genocides of nations that were carried out on the whim of leaders in every corner of the world; in the cultivation of national chauvanism and the idea that belonging to a certain identities can wash away all sins; in aggressive ignorance reinforced by cannibalistic state propaganda; in doublethink, cowardice to speak the truth openly, and in a passionate desire to lie and reap the bloody fruits of lies.

Fascism reborn in Russia. This opinion may seem absurd, and many would prefer to think that the manifestations of Russian fascism is just an outlier, a short-term consequence of propaganda, or simply an accidental concentration of lies and cruelty. But this is also how people thought in the 1930s, when the world saw fascism at its best for the first time. No one wanted to believe that Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party were anything more than a temporary misunderstanding, unable to survive in the then enlightened world that had seen the horrors of the Great War. But these excuses only helped the fascist monster drink blood and keep biting the limbs off innocent people. The fatal mistakes that allowed the disgusting, swastika-covered eagle to spread its wings above Europe are being repeated again. Fascism does not need this unanimous consent of graduate students of political regimes – it is enough for it to concentrate evil with impunity, while the rest of the world brushes it aside and does not want to believe what they are seeing.

Now a disgusting double-headed eagle with an innocuous Latin letter Z on its chest spreads its wings over Ukraine. Russia has already become a totalitarian state. It closed itself off from the rest of the world and found a convenient target. Moscow’s propagandists, just like their German predecessors, are declaring total war on common sense and rabid anti-Semitism, replacing Jews with Ukrainians. Regardless of language and origins, for Russia Ukrainians are always clueless and at the same time evil and sneaky culprits behind Russia’s misfortunes. They hide behind every door, they develop viruses in evil labs and crucify Orthodox children. Not by themselves of course, but only after the approval from the globalist capitalists backstage, which for common Russians is represented by NATO, an insignificantly weak and indecisive defense union that is scared to put dictators in their place, but at the same time evil and treacherous, ready to destroy Russia simply out of hate for its successes.

Yet the 21st century has been much more fortunate than the 20th: Ukraine wasn’t conquered like Austria, or Czechoslovakia, or a second Polish Republic. We kicked Russian fascists in their teeth and bathed them in blood. The values of the progressive world are being protected at a cost of thousands lives of our citizens who have been shot, raped and simply killed for refusing to wear slave collar with the Z letter on it. Ukrainians are being killed for refusing to live in the cruel anti-intellectual “Russian world”, where the freedom of opinion and freedom of speech are absent unless it’s supervised by the FSB. We did not live up to the expectations of the newest Fuhrer Vladimir Putin, who wanted to commit the Anschluss, then continue with the occupation, followed by the cleansing of all dissenters and finally the destruction of Ukraine as a phenomenon. We are giving a worthy push back to the Russian fascists yet their leader doesn’t think to stop, because he still lives in self-isolation from any information other than that which is pleasing to him personally. He doesn’t care about thousands of dead Z-soldiers, as he yearns for total domination. If he manages to devour Ukraine today, tomorrow he will switch to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The day after that he will devour the rest of the world.

The world must open its eyes and see the truth: while it was cynically repeating “Never Again” fascist came back to power. Citizens of the world need to express solidarity and defeat this monster, or it will destroy everyone – slowly, one by one. If Ukraine is gone, the progressive part of the world will lose its power and will be dispersed. After that, Putin’s clones will start to appear in all the capitals of the world and the spring of 2022 will look like a cakewalk. Today, Ukrainians were dealt the role of the main antifascists of humanity and unless the rest of the world joins us in this fight, the dawn will never come again. The world will lose all of its accomplishments, which might be seen as unimportant: freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of self-determination. Humanity must gather its strength and hit the Kremlin. Only then can the bright ideals of human progress finally become universal and make the world a better place. If cowardice, indifference and doublethink prevail, then the world will lose its chance to become better and more just. It’s time for the rest of the world to come to its senses and slay the beast before it carves the letter Z across the whole planet.