Today the demagogic label «anarcho-fascism» can be considered quite real. It cannot be called a doctrine, although there are some attempts to give it an ideological justification. Today anarcho-fascism is a set of beliefs and practices within the movement of alternative right.

You can see an anarcho-fascism complex within other currents in some cases that are considered as leftist views and in fact, anarchistic. It has anything in common with anarchism actually and almost nothing — with fascism in accordance with commonly accepted meanings.

The anarcho-fascism popularizer is Jack Donovan, a well-known ideologist and the Alt Right esthet. He is really keen on «male tribalism» — rebellious banditry based on affinity groups and strong male love.

As well as other alt rightists Donovan is dying to see the United States dissolution and it will establish the rule of the gangs and revive the traditions of the good old Wild West days. In his opinion, for this purpose, it is necessary to organize a powerful and skilful grass-roots movement capable of surviving the chaos after the state collapse.

«In a failed state, we go back to Wild West rules, and America becomes a place for men again — a land full of promise and possibility that rewards daring and ingenuity, a place where men can restart the world», — Donovan said.

Obviously, his «anarchy» is not social, but post-apocalyptic, barbaric, growing on the ruins of civilization like a parasitic fungus on the felled timber. Anarcho-fascism suggests that the state must be demolished for the sake of the idealized male warriors power, who will revive the early Middle Ages valor and morals.

In his essay «Anarcho-Fascism» Donovan manipulates skillfully the provisions of anarchism and fascism, deriving a special metaphysics. He cleans fascism of the totalitarian police state, omnipotent bureaucracy and repression, looking for a «primitive spirit» in it. According to Donovan, the roots of fascism should be not sought in the Benito Mussolini ideas or Catholic corporatists, but in ancient Italy, in the Etruscan symbol of fascia — the ax among the twigs.

«The bound rods of the fasces represent strength and the authority of a unified male collective. That’s its “primitive” appeal. True tribal unity can’t be imposed from above. It’s an organic phenomenon. Profound unity comes from men bound together by a red ribbon of blood», — Donovan said.

That is why, according to Donovan the real «primitive fascism» is a grassroots and branched «tribal» movement. The alt-rights ideologist disputes the concept of Umberto Eco «Eternal Fascism», that nevertheless corresponds to the definition of fascism as a political movement and a state regime with a certain set of values. According to Donovan, all the «evil» that we are used to associate with this totalitarian phenomenon is the invention of the twentieth century based on Catholicism and Marxism.

So, in other words, Donovan encourages us not to be ashamed of fascism, reducing it to an attractive, for right-wing dissident, image of free unions of strong men who are ready to overthrow the government to return the society to a military democracy state

«New, pure warrior-gangs can only rise in anarchic opposition to the corrupt, feminist, anti-tribal, degraded institutions of the established order. Manhood can only be rebooted by the destruction of their future, and the creation of new futures for new or reborn tribes of men. It is too late for conservatism. For the majority of men, only occupied structures and empty gestures remain. The political position of The Way of Men is «anarcho-fascist». This anarcho-fascism is not an end; it is hungry for a new beginning», — Donovan said.

The complex of anarcho-fascism without alt-rights can only differ rhetorically, but its values ​​are the same indeed: anarchy as an opportunity for the idealized power of gangs. It can be served under the guise of free alliances and other phrases that sound «anarchic».

So, let’s enumerate the basic views and values ​​inherent in anarcho-fascism:

  • a only, purely masculine way of thinking that leaves no place for different behavior;

  • misogyny and homophobia, as a hatred for everything «non-masculine»;

  • the idealization of the gang as the best community for «real men», a relaxed attitude toward crime as a way of life, and also resultant leader principle;

  • disbelief in progress, contempt for the individual freedom and equality principles, unless they are backed up by brute force;

  • the best way to society «cleansing» from «weak and pampered» is the chaos idealization and the «war of all against all»;

  • the desirable world order is primitivism and barbarism on the ruins of civilization;

  • in the case of alt-right is white nationalism (anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racial segregation, separation of white people in different ethnic quasi-states).

The anarcho-fascism and alt-rights aren’t into oppressed struggle for rights, in general, because its audience is the «White Trash» surfing in the Internet, inspired by the resentment feeling. They do not need equality or justice but barbaric power at least a little.