Title: Ukrainian far-rightists: doomed to be Russian
Author: Dmitry Mrachnik
Topics: fascism, Ukraine
Date: 14 January 2018
Source: Retrieved on 5th February 2022 from www.nihilist.li




What is the difference between us — the fighters for equality, and the far-right fighters against it? The answer is simple: we want people to live better right here and right now. That women are not discriminated because they do not have a dick and balls, that gays are not beaten because they love men, everyone can work in spite of gender, sexual orientation and so on. Because this is a real problem for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians.

The far-rightists does not want a better life for everyone, and now, they want cultural domination, and equality is a real threat for their ideology. The concept of gender is making them panic. They can’t be allowed to move the Overton window away from their dense concepts. Well, it’s just that no one will vote for their party if women start combating discrimination in large numbers, and gays stop hiding in fear. It will cause changes in politics and many interesting things will begin, and the far-rightists will be forgotten. Really, who needs these obscurantists, when there is a life everywhere?

Every time the far-rightist protest against the legislative protection of women’s rights, they attack feminists, they beat homosexuals — they intimidate society in order to discourage it from the evolution of ideas. If common ideology goes far ahead — their path to power will be closed. The far-rightists will have to return to the position of useless marginal, interest groups or small gangs of terrorists. There are no other perspectives for movements that are incapable of evolution. And this is not the most pessimistic scenario for them.

Worst of all, if yesterday’s victims — women, LGBT people, national minorities and others — begin to hit back. Then far-rightists will not only huddle together in the specially designated for racial hatred places, becoming rats, but also to develop. They will need to revise their ideologies, doctrines, theories, change the way of life, image, the concept — and then, perhaps, people will tail after them again. The far-rightists in the West have spent years on this. In the United States, for example, they had lie in hiding from the 1990s, until their ideology from a very unexpected side was reborn in the Alt Right movement in the 2010s.

The remains of the far-right ideologies are being dumped by the whole world into wastewater. Ukrainian traditionalists, racists, ethnicists etc gratefully collect this garbage to raise it later as a banner. They haven’t learned to have their own meanings. Actually they have, but the problem is that everything that is meaningful and viable naturally stops being far-right and moves towards a more decent policy. And this is good.

Do you know what is even better? However this may sound ridiculous, geopolitics has placed the Ukrainian far-rightists before a very unpleasant fact. All their degenerate Western friends don’t give a fuck about dealing with Ukraine — for them there are no independent Ukrainians who have any of their desires. The idol of the new-fashioned Alt Right is Vladimir Putin, the public ideal is the Russian Federation, in which it is always cold and nothing can be done, and favorite philosopher — the Eurasian Alexander Dugin, who has recently urged to kill Ukrainians. In fact, Ukrainian far-rightists also love Dugin, but can not openly admit it. Ukraine has suffered from Russian «spiritual joints», reinforced by «Grad» rockets.

Their love to everything Russian is so obvious that it’s too lazy to repeat it. But, obviously, it is necessary.


The godfather of Ukrainian fascism willingly collaborated with Alexander Dugin and organized joint with the Eurasian Youth Union anti-Western in form and anti-Ukrainian content.

Alexander Dugin called on everyone to «be ready for war,» because «the Maidan in Russia is inevitable.» And the leader of the «Bratstvo» party, Dmitry Korchinsky, who arrived from Ukraine, confirmed with conviction:

The war that is currently taking place in Ukraine will be mandatory in Russia. Ultra-patriots from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States early in September announced the creation of a single «Youth Anti-Orange Front» that was based on the Eurasian Youth Union of Alexander Dugin, one of the founders of the National Bolshevik Party. There have already been in Newspaper an article about the alliance included representatives of the most odious nationalist organizations. Among them there were activists of the Union of Bashkir youth, who declared themselves to be a branch of the Turkish right-wing terrorist organization «Gray Wolves». Another member of the alliance is the Ukrainian party «Bratstvo».

It seems that nobody remembers it. A short memory is bad for politics. Korchinsky, of course, justified his cooperation with Dugin with his oppositionism. But we know what type of «opposition» Dugin provides.


The ideologist of the far-right «Azov» movement Eduard Yurchenko, who previously «for ideological reasons» was in the former ruling conservative right Party of Regions, recently he has called for strengthening the relations of «fraternal folks of Ukraine and Russia», and not in the sense of equal relations.

According to the reviewer of Yurchenko’s speech in Voronezh on the site of the Ukrainian Traditionalist Club, «Ukrainian nationalism is really anti-Western», and Russophobia is an «unfortunate misunderstanding that has arose in connection with the difficult economic situation».

The aspiration for the independence of the Little Russian lands [russian chauvinist title for Ukraine], was revealed after the tragic events of 1917, and in Eduard Yurchenko’s opinion, it was not due to the rejection of Russia as a Slavic center, but exclusively with rejection of the ideals of communism […]

Nowadays, the existing elements of Russophobia in the mood of Ukrainian society are connected, according to Eduard Yurchenko, with the anti-Soviet attitude that has been preserved since the 1920s, when representatives of the agrarian part of the society of Little Russia found Bolshevism as the worst of all possible evils.

Now this man is working with the movement that prizes Ukrainian sovereignty and national identity above everything. Everybody pretends that everything is alright.


Yury Noevoy, one of the prominent functionaries of the «Svoboda» party, is in the traditionalist organization Catechon, the twin sister of Catechon from Russia (led by the Russian oligarch and the architect of the russian ivasion in the Donbass, Konstantin Malofeev). His job is repeating the experience of his Russian colleagues: he sues art galleries, which, in his opinion, offend the feelings of christians.

The last action of the Ukrainian Catechon against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention revealed its Russian background once again, which was well written by Anna Gritsenko:

Noteworthy here is not even a funny poster with a woman in it, who wants to be tamed, but the fact that the girl with this poster draws its ideas from Natella Speranska, the follower of Dugin, and Eugene Golovin, whose follower is Dugin himself. (Subsequently, Speranskaya was removed from the post, but you can see the history of the changes.) I think from this moment it’s safe to say that the coincidence of the names of the Ukrainian and Russian Catechons is not accidental.

In just three examples, if not pro-Russian, then at least inspired by Russian experience, the character of the Ukrainian far-right. «Bratstvo», «Azov» movement, Catechon, «Svoboda» party… Who is the next to admit sympathy for the bearded Russian fascism?

In conclusion, we can say that the Ukrainian far-right faces a very complicated and at the same time a ridiculous choice. Why is it complicated? Yes, because they have three options: to become Russians not only in spirit, but also in form, and openly support Russia; remain Russian in spirit and fight with Russia; cease to be Russian in spirit, that in our situation in general means to stop being far-right.

The first option will lead to arrests and an «underground» situation — it’s boldly, but very recklessly. The second option simply preserves their position in the current contradictory state, which, most likely, will soon lead to collapse. The third option is already in full use by the most desperate, who are tired enough to sacrifice their identity.

In fact, the choice is to be or not to be spiritually Russian. It would seem, how is this possible in a country that has been suffering from Russia’s military aggression for several years? And it’s very simple: Ukrainian traditionalism has outgrown the Russian traditionalism and continues to be at the deepest, most fundamental level. The social base of the Ukrainian far-right is completely tainted with this spirit. They are doomed to be Russian.