Title: Victim recognition limit: Who’s responsible for Poland-Belarus border crisis?
Author: Dmitry Mrachnik
Date: 14 November 2021
Source: Retrieved on 5th February 2022 from www.nihilist.li
Notes: Translated by Hanna Hrytsenko.

I see bleeding-hearted humanists and cynical bigots are only engaged in triggering about the word ‘refugees’ and not wanting to understand what is happening at the border between Belarus and Poland, writing manifestos on their attitude to migration, demanding from others to think the same.

Some ascribe victim status to Poles, others to refugees. Both groups are vice versa accused in everything. Lukashenka is not particularly remembered, and when he is, it is only in the context that Poland is also to blame. An absolutely win-win situation for the moustached man and his colleague Putin.

What is remarkable, when Lukashenka gave orders to beat peaceful protesters right on the streets and then to torture them in prisons, everything was «not so simple.» But free medicine and good roads in peaceful Belarus, which the vile neoliberals want to destroy, were recalled.

White humanists have a very tight limit about victim recognition. So far, only Middle Eastern refugees can be called victims, and everyone else, apparently, did not suffer enough to get sympathy and support on the Internet.

That is, indeed, the current border situation is terrible, people may die, but what can be done about it? Lukashenka does not allow anyone to come to Belarus and to take refugees with them. He needs them to break through the fences under the shots of the barriers, because this makes more drama.

And then we argue with each other how to name the refugees correctly, how to talk about their problems correctly, whether the Polish military is guilty or innocent, while they protect the borders as in any other country — after all, these people are driven to break fences, and do not attempt to enter through border crossing point.

And voila, thanks to all our fightings, Europe is in dispute and divided, and refugees are freezing at the border and no one can do anything about it. The moustached and the bald men are happy, but we continue the same way.