Title: Why Western leftists are so fucked up?
Author: Dmitry Mrachnik
Date: 20 February 2022
Source: Retrieved on 24th February 2022 from www.nihilist.li

It’s quite fucked up how Western leftist discussion on Ukraine quickly devolves into mentions of far-right groups like Right Sector or Azov. Come on, people. The US, whose leftists often bug Ukrainians with whataboutisms on the fascists, has just had a fascist president.

Western leftists and anarchists don’t ask us whether we need medical supplies, food, military equipment. They ask us about fascists patrolling the streets in Ukraine. Sweet Jesus, our president is Jewish, and the only right-populist party in the parliament is fucking pro-Russian.

Right Sector is already a dead movement nobody cares about. Azov regiment is just about a thousand people who at worst might beat some rando up while off-service. Remember when a year ago a crowd of armed white nationalists attempted a coup and Trump was totally ok with that?

Meanwhile France, Germany, Spain, UK have far-right MPs. Ukraine had only one neo-Nazi MP and he neither submitted any bill nor worked in committees.

But the very mention of Ukraine as the victim of Russian aggression makes people lose their minds: “They have Right Sector! Azov!! Bandera!!!” And if one can explain the first two, Bandera problem is much harder.

Even Ukrainians mostly have no idea what he really did due to it being so shrouded in history. Nobody gives a fuck about Bandera besides a bunch of boomers.

Check replies on Bernie Sanders’ tweet. He says that Russia is a threat to peace. His comment on current escalation is very moderate and calls on diplomacy, but strictly points out who’s the bad guy.

The benign discussion of what should be an uncontroversial issue within the leftist crowd made them lose their mind instead, blaming Ukraine for mere existence of the far-right movements within.

And how about the fact that Russia doesn’t even try to cover up its imperialist plan on Ukraine, one that cannot be justified by any leftist ideals? Nyeeh, it’s all NATO’s fault. NATO should pull out of Ukraine!

Yeah, yeah, that’s right. Fuck us.