Title: Humanity
Author: Dyer D. Lum
Date: 1877
Source: Retrieved on 7th May 2023 from www.libertarian-labyrinth.org
Notes: Published in The Evolution 1 no. 14 (October, 1877): 280.
Humanity! all sovereign power divine,
Whose hand still shapes events for good or ill,
Despite the puny efforts of our will,—
Within this selfish, struggling heart of mine
Let thy invincible glory burn and shine,
And with sweet light each darkened chamber fill;
Till I shall feel my innermost spirit thrill
And spring from death to life made one with thine.
Then thought in loving unison with heart
Shall turn to thee as needle turns to pole,
To find religion and her sister art,
From every low, debasing passion free,
Centering all life’s activity in thee,
To meet the deathless instincts of the soul.