Title: Open Letter to All Groups in the Anti-Election Alliance
Date: 1997
Source: Retrieved on May 13, 2013 from web.archive.org
Notes: Published in Organise! Issue 45 — Spring 1997.

Dear Organise!

We welcome the initiative that has been created by the formation of the Anti-Election Alliance. We feel that it is a real opportunity for the anarchist/libertarian movement to pull together for a change.

Group sectarianism ghas served only to stifle our movement, and while groups are valid for national action, this is limited in the absence of a nationwide, united, co-ordinated approach to class struggle.

Too often groups are just point-scoring over each other. All of the various groups have their own validities and shortcomings. It is time for us all to recognise what all individuals and groups contribute to the movement as a whole. Infighting and bickering serve only one purpose: the labelling and divisions that the State wants.

No national group has the regional capacity to operate solely on their own terms. As is the casein East Kent, and the nation as a whole, members of various groups work together anyway as this is the only practical approach.

The Anti-Election Alliance has a lot of potential to become a unifying force in our movement. We feel that this alliance should survive the general election and become a coherent anarchist/libertarian coordinator. All groups involved in the AEA should see this as a forum for coordination between one another. We propose that the AEA publishes its own bulletin, which should be sent to all individuals and groups involved in it. This should allow all members of our movement to realise the validity and usefulness of our different approaches, and to provide a national vehicle for debate and action.

R. and A. East Kent Anarchists