Title: Soledad is dead
Author: El Paso
Date: 2006
Source: Retrieved on August 23, 2011 from web.archive.org
Notes: Published in The Nihilist #2.

Soledad hanged herself (we don’t have any reason to doubt it) on Friday night (between July 10 and 11, 1998) in Benevagienna (Italy), where she was living under house arrest in the community “Sotto i ponti”. Her body has been taken to the hospital of Mondova, as required by a magistrate who was very upset because of the unexpected interruption of his fishing-day. Actually we don’t even know his name. Many journalists, as usual, arrived immediately but they were chased away.

Soledad was an anarchists 22 years old and she was Argentinian. She was in Italy since September, 1997. During the investigations on the sabotages against the High Speed Train Project (TAV) in Val Susa, she was accused of being a member of an armed organization called “Lupi Grigi” (Grey Wolves) which claimed itself as responsible of only one such sabotage (there have been a dozen of them and almost all happened before Summer 1997). She was arrested with other two anarchists, Silvano Pelissero and Edoardo Massari at the beginning of March, 1998. The charges were reduced after the suicide in jail of Edoardo Massari.

Soledad then obtained house arrest in Benevagenna; Silvano was moved instead to the high security prison of Novara. At the moment he is at his 20th day of hunger-strike asking for house arrest and in order to know the date of his trial. The magistrate who holds the inquiry about the sabotages against TAV (the inquiry was supposed to finish on May, 7th) is Maurizio Laudi.

The famous “arsenal” found in the cellar of the Casa Occupata in Collegno (Turin), where Silvano, Soledad and Edoardo lived, has been never showed to the public and any expert evidence has been never presented. The Media are working to construct a part for Silvano, describing him as an agent provocateur.

Right now there are no public manifestations scheduled, and we hope there won’t be, given the results of the mass demonstration held on April, 4th: just a sort of exorcism after which nothing really meaningful happened. Let’s leave apart any mere conventional form act. Anyone wanting to express his thoughts and sentiments and rage should simply do it, in the place and the situation where one lives, by one’s own times and ways.

There is nothing to add and nothing to be shouted out. Move.
(think globally and act locally)