Title: Our Rule of Ideological Conduct: Manifesto of the journal L’En-Dehors
Author: E. Armand
Date: 1922
Source: Retrieved on January 11, 2011 from libertarian-labyrinth.blogspot.com
Notes: Originally published as “Notre ligne de conduite idéologique.”
Translation by Shawn P. Wilbur

In all places individualists of our tendency wish to establish — now and at all times — a human milieu founded on the individual act and in which, without any control, intervention, intrusion of the State, all individuals can, whether isolated or associated, govern their affairs among themselves, by means of free agreements, voidable on notice, no matter what the activity, whether the association be the work of a personage or of a collectivity. Their voluntary associations are unions of comrades, based on the exercise of reciprocity or “equal liberty.”

The individualists of our sort consider as their adversaries all the institutions and all the individualities that, directly or by intermediaries, wish to subject them to their authority and use violence against them, in other words, all the partisans of IMPOSED CONTRACTS. They reserve the right to defend themselves against them by all the means at their disposal, including deception.

The individualists of our sort oppose sentimental-sexual jealousy, the bodily propertarianism and exclusivism in love that they regard as authoritarian manifestations, if not psychopathic behavior. They propagate the thesis of “amorous camaraderie.” They claim EVERY SEXUAL FREEDOM (as long as they are not sullied by violence, misrepresentation, fraud or venality) including the rights of education, publicity, variation, fancy and association.