Title: For The Liquidation Of The State
Subtitle: Basic Strategy Document (Approved by the 7th Congress of the FdCA, 2006)
Date: 2006
Source: Retrieved on January 20, 2009 from web.archive.org

Before dealing with the problem of the Transitional Period, the anarchist communist political organization first needs to be clear on the various conceptions which foresee the end of the Bourgeois State as a result of the political and institutional rupture provoked by a successful proletarian revolution, not only from the point of view of terminology, but in terms of our basic strategy.

We go beyond the concepts of the “abolition of the State” or the “destruction of the State” as they imply two aspects regarding the end of the State that are based on the violent action by a group of professional politicians and the instantaneous or rapid nature of this action.

Diametrically opposed to these two concepts can be found two others, which we equally reject. They are the concept of the “withering away of the State” and the “extinction of the State”. We go beyond both these concepts as they imply, in the case of the first, reference to an entirely objective, mechanical process that would lead to the disappearance of the State and, in the case of the latter, to a more gradual nature for the same process.

While in the first two cases we believe there is no sense to violent action by a political minority against the State if there is no real proletarian self-organization, as far as the second two go, we believe it is impossible for the extinction of the State to be a spontaneous and automatic process, without revolutionary action carried on by the subordinate class working towards that goal.

The anarchist communist choice for our basic strategy is the conception of the “liquidation of the State” — the political and economic action of organization of proletarian autonomy which seeks to make any re-building of the State impossible and remove any basis for it on a social level.

The liquidation of the State is therefore the final act of a process that is born and develops already within, and in total contrast to, the society divided into classes, which marks the definitive and total break between the authoritarian, class system on the one hand and the new anarchist communist society on the other.

The liquidation of the State is, then, the destruction of the structures of exploitation and the apparatus of domination, and the move from a society divided into classes to an anarchist communist society. It makes a reality of the revolutionary goal of getting rid of the legal, military and administrative institutions which regulate class society, in order that communist methods of production, distribution and social regulation under the control and the self-government of self-managed proletarian structures in a federated and libertarian manner can be brought into being.