Title: The intimidation is clear: Watch out, you are all on parole, you are all subversives!
Subtitle: History repeats itself — no surprise!
Topics: Italy, protest
Date: 31st January 2008
Source: Retrieved on 29th October 2021 from www.anarkismo.net
Notes: FdCA statement on the march in Cosenza, 2 February 2008.

Every time a movement for social and/or labour struggle evades the control of the State and its apparatus of government thanks to its use of direct action and grassroots organization, it isn’t long until we start to see the “strategy of tension”, repression, the criminalization of dissent, the police State.

The movements in struggle over recent years have managed to resist the call of the institutionalized parties and the bureaucracies of the trade union federations, and have demonstrated that self-management of the struggles, grassroots participation and union democracy all meet with wide approval and this is something that worries the powerful and the oppressors.

In this context, as Capital is worried about the possibility of a different world of free and equal women and men and tries doggedly to defends its interests, it springs into action through the repressive power of the State, the faithful servant, activates all the mechanisms that are needed to create the spectre of repression.

From Turin to Genoa, from Florence to Cosenza, the judicial vendetta goes on against those who dared, and still dare, to oppose the warmongering and economic repression of the States and Capitalism and the new rise in neo-fascism and racism in our towns and cities.

The incredibly harsh sentences of 7 years in prison handed out to those comrades in Florence who were demonstrating against the war in 1999 are equally alarming.

We must counteract this with increased class consciousness and a new class resistance!

This is why we will be in Cosenza on 2nd February, not just to show our solidarity but also because we believe that the widest possible participation is the best possible response to the reactionary intimidation and the criminalization of dissent.

The signal from Cosenza on 2nd February must be loud and clear: that the struggle for a better world, for freedom, for an end to the exploitation by one man of another will not be intimidated by your acts of repression, and neither the fascists, nor the butchers of Genoa, job dismissals or excommunications or unjust sentences will be enough to stop us.

Watch out for your dreams:

If you dream about a better world of free equals, you can end up in jail.
If you struggle to make it happen, you’re already in jail.

Now and always, class resistance, to build the libertarian alternative!