Title: Fine Day For The Race
Author: Albert Meltzer
Date: 1947
Notes: From ‘Freedom, Anarchist Fortnightly’, Vol.8, No.9, May 3, 1947

Those who imagine that racial laws are exclusively something German or South African have yet to come across the most peculiar racial laws of “our” mandate, Palestine.

Identity cards require the race of the holder as distinct from his nationality. Jewish inhabitants of Palestine are “Jewish” irrespective of their nationality, unless they change their religion when their “race” automatically also changes! It comes as a surprise to — for instance — British and American Jews to find themselves in a different classification from fellow-citizens at home when entering Palestine, and it leads to quite an absurdity as regards British and American non-Jews.

An American could not say “Race — Irish” or “Race — Swedish”, etc., his “ Race” could either be Jewish or American! Whoever heard of the “American Race” outside of the Palestine government? (If there were one would not the Jews be an important part of it?) And yet — believe it or not — I even came across a non-Jewish refugee whose identity card actually read “Race —Christian”. As regards “Race — Anarchist”, we do not believe in Identity Cards, but if ever I had one I would want it to be “Race — Human”.