Title: Notes [Oct, 1890]
Author: Freedom Press
Date: October, 1890
Source: Freedom: A Journal of Anarchist Socialism, Vol. 4, No. 47, online source RevoltLib.com, retrieved on April 14, 2020.

Our Printing Office.

All contributions thankfully received. We are furnishing our printing office. We had nothing but type three weeks ago, but one comrade besides some type has given us a couple of cases and a composing stick. Another has sent us chases, others have made us a frame. If friends who happen to have any of the odds and ends needed in a printing office would send us any thing they could spare they would be giving valuable help to the paper.

A "Freedom" Concert.

A Concert and Ball in aid of the Anarchist propaganda (Freedom Group) will take place at the Autonomie Club Windmill Street Tottenham Court Road, W., on Sunday, September 28th, 1890. The comrades who have kindly volunteered their services include Messrs. Arthur Dallow, A. Abbott, W. Neilson, G. Freeman, M. Lehere, C, Morton, Anlguist, Alf Marsh, Nordogo; Masters Hyde, Charles, and Gunderson, May Morris, Miss Robertson, and the Scandinavian Choral Society. The Concert will commence at 8 p.m. Programs 6d each.


The Fabian who gave us his opinion on Strikes and Parliamentary Action in our last issue evidently does not look at things from the workers' point of view. This phrase that workingmen should "sit" in proper proportion in Parliament and Council indicates that he believes the idlers ought to share in the Government which he extols. We Anarchist working men and women want all able-bodied idlers to be eliminated from human society, and as all history--that is to say, all experience-- shows us that Government is simply a machine by which the idler lives at the expense of the worker we wish it to be abolished. Our correspondent says that no one has shown that we can dispense with it. He is mistaken. Over and over again Anarchists have shown that the true function of the State is to rob, and that mankind would get along excellently well without it. For instance, Jehan Le Vagre has done it in the columns of this journal. We advise our Fabian friend to read and think over his articles. Parliamentary action and state control only render the worker more helpless the more he places his faith in them. The Government Spider is for ever employed in binding him round and round with his web of red tape. There is only one thing for the worker to do--break through the meshes and act as a free man.