Title: Notes [Sep, 1889]
Author: Freedom Press
Date: September, 1889
Source: Freedom: A Journal of Anarchist Socialism, Vol. 3, No. 34, online source RevoltLib.com, retrieved on April 14, 2020.

The information given in the May and July numbers of Freedom concerning the position of affairs in Spain, we are now able to supplement from a letter we have just received from an Anarchist Communist at Barcelona. Our correspondent says that Spanish parties may roughly he divided into two classes. those that require an Army, a Judicial system and a Government, and those who desire none of these things. The first class, consisting of all the bourgeois parties and one section of the Socialist party, are as follows: The Carlists, whose principles are God, Country and King, Absolute Monarchy and the Denial of all Freedom, the Conservatives, who are now in power, uphold the Constitutional Hereditary Monarchy and Restricted Suffrage, and tolerate all forms of religious worship. This party allows greater freedom to the press than the Carlists would do, and permits meetings in the theaters, although the consent of the authorities to such meetings has to be obtained arid the police are always present. The United Republicans and the Federal Republicans uphold the Rights of the Individual, Universal Suffrage and Absolute Freedom of Worship The Regionalist, or Home Rule Party is in favor of the complete political an administrative freedom of each district or region, and is opposed to any central political governing body. The Socialist section included among the Authoritarian is of course the "Workmen's Party," about which our Collectivist Anarchist Correspondent has given full particulars, Tierra y Libertad, the communist organ, which was announced in our May Issue as dead, has been revived. The Collectivist Anarchists ax said to be strongest in the provinces of Andalucia and Catalonia.

The report which we give our readers in the Supplement this month will, we hope. serve to stimulate thought and clear away difficulties in the minds of those who dimly perceive the truth of Anarchy. With the many points raised on each side we intend to deal at some length in future issues of Freedom. Meanwhile we heartily wish long life to our opponents, they furnish us with texts to hang our arguments on, strengthen our position, arid increase our numbers.

As we go to press a series of strikes are taking place in London, most of which have been inaugurated in support of the dock laborers who initiated the struggle. As a monthly paper Socialist, will not expect us to give news of a movement which L., already been exhaustively dealt with by the daily press. it is rather our business to comment upon and point out the tendencies of the events which have been and are taking place. This we intend to do as regards this strike movement next month. Meanwhile it is unnecessary for us to say that we are heart arid soul with the strikers.

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