Title: Pamphlets
Author: Freedom Press
Date: April, 1888
Source: Freedom: A Journal of Anarchist Socialism, Vol. 2, No. 19, online source RevoltLib.com, retrieved on April 14, 2020.

Our Jewish comrades in East London have published as the first of a series of propagandist pamphlets in Yiddish, a translation from the French version of Malatesta's 'Conversation between Peasants." (Price Id., Workers' Friend Office, 40, Berner Street, Commercial Road, F.)

The Autonomic Club, 6, Windmill Street, Tottenham Court Road, W., have, begun a like useful work by issuing a German rendering of the essay on ' Revolutionary Government' from P. Kropotkin's 'Parolez d'un Revolte as No. I of a German propagandist series.

'The Place of Anarchism in Socialist Evolution.' By P. Kropotkin. (New issue; W. Reeves, 185, Fleet Street, E.C. Price Id.) We draw our reader's special attention to this plain and popular statement of the principles of Communist-Anarchism. The pamphlet contains the subject matter of a lecture delivered by P. Kropotkin in Paris immediately after his release from Clairvaux. It has been translated by our comrade Henry Glasse, and revised and corrected by the author. The first part has been for some time before the public, but the second and third parts, dealing with the economic and moral aspects of the question, are now published for the first time in England.