Title: Gen Z Read This
Subtitle: A motivating call to learn from past mistakes and ground ourselves in the struggle in front of us, never losing out hope for our ideals.
Date: Feb 26, 2022
Notes: This is a transcription of a script for a YouTube video on a channel about modern Anarchist theory.


Alas it seems, we are met with the cruel fate of being born into a reality like this, where our fellow beings have conspired in their basest natures in structuring this society to benefit a few at great cost to the many. The task, of those coherent enough to understand this obvious truth is clear then, we have been given a mission from the cosmos, to spend the rest of our lives defying the least of ourselves each day, to take on the duty of ending this senseless suffering arrangement by any means necessary, and effective.

I grieve with you, for the life of peace and luxury we wished for, but which was stolen from us before we even lived. All of you have my utmost respect.

But the time of excuses is over.

You are the ones who will stand for injustice and propaganda no longer.

You are the ones who meet every challenge with an iron will, and a birds eye perspective.

You will be the ones to heal this planet of the illnesses of short sighted ignorance and singular self concern.

You will take the curious under your wings, and watch as they grow to realize their dignity and power, and demand more. You will be there with them through good times and the bad.

You will be the ones to end this pointless stalemate with the liberals, the extension of which shortens any hope for humanity.

You will see beyond your current moment to the grand narrative unfolding in history.

Our modern times are defined by unimaginable illusion. As outlined by thinkers like Jean Beaudriard, Guy Debord and Mark Fisher, a combination of long term domination of every institution of society, including the media, by the bourgeois, and a smartly evolving consumer culture, have so far normalized the state of things to your average person, in ways that are hard to express in non academic language, that new techniques and understandings are required to address this condition, and cut through the barriers of our current moment. The old understandings aren’t enough.

You will never worship a leftist theorist as an infallible being removed from their context.

You are the ones who will march forward into darkness, illuminating it for those who cannot yet see.

You will remember that once we are ready to move, there is no difference between an ideologically dedicated liberal and a fascist.

You will act with rightful suspiscion and hesitency to any concessions made by the fascists.

You will not tear down your fellow peasants and workers for their ignorance, but rather uplift them and bring out the best in them.

You will create a new democracy where the voices of the masses take charge.

You will act with the knowledge that millions are our determined enemies, precisely because their life story afforded them no other imagination. You will put aside agonies about your personal sufferings in dealing with them, and show them an impossible love and forgiveness when they are disarmed and in the authority of the masses. You will consider in each of them an unrealized comrade.

You will steel yourself against the inevitable backlash to our every advance forward.

You will be the ones to restore human relations to their rightful state.

You will treasure and care for each other, because all we have in this cold dark world is each other.

You will demand better of each other every day, from a place of love.

You will be the ones to carry every struggle as your own, to recognize a universal humanity.

You will not hesitate, when the time comes, and you will make no excuses for the tear, ing of your opponents clothes.

You will not accept the words of whichever dictators grab power afterwards.

You will be the ones that will learn from the failures of the past, and figure out the formula for Anarchism and Communism in this world.

Arguements about how humanity cannot have freedom yet will be heard as what they are, the voice of a dying capitalism negotiating for it’s life.

You will never allow yourself to be taken in by cultish organizational methods which regiment you into compliance and demand fealty to idols over your principles.

You will remain forever unsatisfied by symbolic or meaningless victories and appeasements.

You will be the ones to realize a world where the individual benefits and flourishes in the collective.

You will tame the aftermath like no generation before.

Even your failures will be exceptional, because you will never lose sight of the glory on the horizon.

You will never let the stories of those who fought and perished for ultimate justice be forgotten.

You will herd the imperfect masses towards communism generation after generation until our momentum is unstoppable.

The point is.

You are... So beautiful.

You are... So inspiring to me.

You are not alone, we are with you.

In almost every home in your corner of the globe is a young person, naively and beautifully fed up with your collapsing empire, there is nothing the future fascisms of this world can do to stop them. They cannot arrest or kill us all. There is no force stronger than the working class united.

You will write a wonderful story with your life, and with an end tragic or not, we will be waiting for you at the end of the simulation. Probably. Lol.

Sorry if you get reborn as a grasshoppper or something. I mean really, why the fuck were we born into this stupid ass situation. It must mean something, right? I’m banking on it, comrades, but if not, eternal rest sounds pretty sweet. It’ll suck if we have to get our testicles squeezed in pliers by nazis before that, but whatever. I probably won’t make it to Utopia with you, and I will likely meet some terrifying death, like many radicals, but we must find the strength to move forward either way. There can be no more meaningful end in this world than to fight to realize an end to the conditions that manufacture war.

Thanks for reading, hope it made you thinky. You can find more on my channel where I do modern Anarchist theory for dummies. You can also reach me on my twitter! See ya!