Title: The Palestinian Struggle Continues
Author: Insurrection
Date: 1988
Source: Retrieved on December 21, 2023 from mgouldhawke.wordpress.com
Notes: From ‘Insurrection: Anarchist Magazine‘, Issue Five, Autumn 1988, London, UK

The Palestinians in struggle continue to die, but they are no longer news. A few lines lost in a sea of more recent events, some concerning even greater massacres in other parts of the world. It is clear that war and death are still man’s favorite sport.

It is impossible however to go into everything that is happening in the world. We must instead focus our interest on situations that we understand best and try to do something about them, at least at the level of counter-information if nothing else.

As far as the Palestinian struggle is concerned, we must underline the importance of an insurrectional struggle that has been going on for over nine months, and which is putting one of the strongest armies in the world in great difficulty. In spite of the brutal beatings, imprisonment, torture and killing of the young Palestinians and the systematic burning of the homes of the Palestinian people, the struggle continues unabated.

Israel would not be able to continue its war on the Palestinian people were it not for the interests and financial and political support that they get from the USA and the European countries that have a vested interest in maintaining the zionist State.

There have been a number of actions of solidarity in Italy and France, such as pickets of banks and airlines, boycotts and sabotage of Israeli products and demonstrations.

Like the struggle of the South African blacks against apartheid, the Palestinians in struggle need internationalist revolutionary solidarity.