On January 23, the trial began against two Barcelona anarchist comrades accused of expropriating banks in Aachen (Germany). The two are currently in the prison of said city, in solitary confinement from their arrest in April of 2016. It seems like a joke, that while the banks continue to blatantly steal from all, it is our friends who have been tried, both by the court and the media.

What does it matter to us whether or not they have participated in these expropriations? What is clear to us is that they are not guilty of anything. No one could be guilty of robbing a bank, because it is something that is self-justifiable. It is not just a question of money, but of dignity, determination and courage. With each repressive blow suffered, our anger and desire to rise again against a system that seems pathetic, dilapidating, and vulnerable rages. Unfortunately, finding and attacking one of its vulnerabilities can be expensive, and in this case, the German state is trying to make the price as high as possible.

Because for the State it is not a question of money, but of control over and repression against those who practice dissent inside and outside their borders. Indeed, this was demonstrated quite explicitly in this case, as the arrests took place with the collaboration of the police forces from both Spain and Germany. Now, on June 7th, after more than a year of imprisonment and 23 trial sessions, the cost of our comrades’implacable rebellion, their sentence to be carried out in the dungeons of capital, will be revealed.

On that day, may revolutionary solidarity transgress the prison walls and the prisoners feel our love and our rage. Because rage is our friend and the banks are our enemies!!


International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces