Title: Anarchist to Field a Frog for Uganda Presidential Elections
Author: Joram Jojo
Topics: Elections, Uganda
Date: 4th July 2015
Source: Retrieved on 28th October 2020 from uganda.blogspirit.com

The Uganda anarchists have decided to field a Frog as a Presidential candidate for the Uganda 2016 presidential elections. Hopefully many anarchists will come-up with very many ingenious ways to pull this off.

The main weakness in Uganda political landscape is with the opposition-the opposition in Uganda is mainly made of thieves and criminals.Their actions of opportunism and manipulation is not accidental, but deeply ingrained in their DNA as they mostly built their careers serving the Criminal dictatorship of Yoweri Museveni.

But when they fell-out of favor with their boss, they then hijacked the traditional opposition politics, while still maintaining strong links with notorious killers of the regime. This has not been helpful at all to the politics of Uganda,but created very many little fucks in the opposition, claiming to represent the people.

For sometime we did give a chance to the political class in the opposition-anarchists thought it was better to let them wake up from their cozy cesspool naturally, but its now been three electro processes taking place, and the bad stench is still around and has even got worse. We see the same frogs taking our people for fools on a fourth process. This has got out of hand .... two nasty frogs are now indirectly being empowered by the regime and imperialism fitting the bill.

The political situation in Uganda has always been crap and pathetic, as its always the same class of parasites, always manipulating and taking the populace hostage. I’ve followed and tried to work-out the political system in Uganda since my childhood, but it gets worse everyday. We still have ministers that served under Idi Amin’s regime, still holding powerful ministerial portfolios and directing security services.

What is the use to even bother voting for the same..same murderous, corrupt, backward thieving parasites. Uh? The entire political system needs dismantling by any-means necessary- as voting is a waste of resources and time, because the same parasites will always find their way through. Its like a broken sewer pipe, every-time someone flushes down their shit, it splashes everywhere into the neighborhood.

The political class in Uganda is the only one in the World that lacks a developmental project for the people. However, this’s understandable as Uganda is a great shag for imperialistic forces that have no bother for a developed African nation. Because 75% of the Uganda society is illiterate and poor, building democracy through mutual consensus is very problematic. That’s why we’ve decided to come up with our own format of political frogging...this came up after realising that the fake Uganda Opposition contestants, have a facial similarity with the old frog. If those frogs can take our people for a ride, then a better frog is waiting to ambush them.