Title: Armed
Author: Juanita Arteaga
Date: 1916
Notes: Translated from the Spanish of the original article that appeared in Regeneración, Numero 232, 1 de Abril de 1916

I see in the newspaper “Idea Nazionale” that is published in Rome, Italy, a dispatch from Durrazo, in which he was informed that the inhabitants of the districts Vascyevici, Plavo and Gusnje, in the small European principality of Montenegro have taken up arms, driven by the terrible hunger that is ravaging the region as a result of the war that the European vampires are waging in the old world, disputing each others supremacy.

Thanks to the numerous weapons and ammunition the rebels have managed to seize, they have become masters of the situation and so strong that the Austrian military authorities have been forced to ask for considerable reinforcements to Scutari.

The resistance is so tenacious, so successful and so serious that the high Austrian authorities have had to ask for reinforcements also from Dalmacia.

The Austrians, in order to prevent the movement from further breaking out, arrested all the recalcitrants; but their efforts were in vain, because, in any case, the movement continued, and with more force, due to the repression.

It’s always the same story. The stupid authorities always want to smother every act of rebellion by means of terror and violence; and the only thing that these imbecile accomplices of the rich do is to invite, provoke and, in the end, cause the violence of those below.

Repression and persecution gives rise to the revolution. That is an inevitable law.

Violence from above can only invite violence from below.

The more the authorities go overboard in their excesses, outrages and repressions, the more the hatred of the proletarians for the present unjust and criminal society concentrates, until this hatred explodes in a violent revolt of vengeance and justice.