Title: Skirmishes
Author: Juanita Arteaga
Date: 1916
Notes: Translated from the Spanish of the original article in Regeneración, Numero 233, 8 de Abril de 1916

Encouraging news continues to come from European nations affected by the war; encouraging, yes, because they hold great promise for popular vindications in the not too distant future.

It is not now a question of the German crowds looting stores and warehouses, at the same time confronting the Kaiser’s police and soldiers; nor of the brave Turks or of the heroic Montenegrin proletarians raising barricades in open rebellion and receiving a hail of bullets from the government, nor of the Russian revolutionary enforcers, again introducing the militant actions that make the Russian Czar and his henchmen turn pale; nor of the other peoples of Europe whose acts of rebellion have already been noted in the issues of Regeneración; it is now a question of the Irish who have also entered into the number of the discontented, those who will surely be the first peoples who, forced by circumstances, will soon rise up in open social rebellion against the oppressors and exploiters.

In the important Irish city of Dublin and other places in the immediate vicinity, riots are taking place in such earnest that bloody fighting is frequently taking place between the workers and the government troops. This insurrection has taken on such a threatening character that the authorities have been obliged to declare a state of siege in those districts.

In other districts there has also been popular unrest; and in Tuliamores, Kings county, three police officers were killed last week.

This unease among the European working class is highly significant. No matter that their first efforts meet with defeat. Be that as it may, these are the first skirmishes of the coming Great European Social Revolution, as a natural consequence of the stupid war that the greed of the old world exploiters has brought about.

European proletarians are currently serving as fodder on the battlefields. Tomorrow it will be the blood of the bourgeoisie that will fertilize our Mother Earth.

These isolated convulsions of the European popular masses are the first skirmishes of the coming social war.

In the meantime, we Mexicans move forward. Let nothing daunt us. May our chests enclose a big, selfless and courageous heart, willing to reach the goal of our gigantic, beautiful and just aspirations, even if for them we have to go past the coalition armies of the capitalists of the whole world.

Forward Mexicans! Long live Land and Freedom! Long live Anarchy!