Title: The Conscious Workers
Author: Juanita Arteaga
Date: 1916
Notes: Translated from the Spanish of the original article that appeared in Regeneración, Numero 232, 1 de Abril de 1916

Under this pompously titled publication “La Victoire” from Paris, France, the traitor Gustavo Hervé published the following telegram: “London (England), February 14 – The Association of Miners of Northumberland has addressed a circular to its members to recommend them to work as regularly as possible because the economic element is the most powerful element of the war.”

And these imbecile sheep are called “conscious workers” by the apostate Hervé. What sarcasm!

If the war were for the benefit of the disinherited class the cited circular would be praiseworthy, but the well-known european war is not that of the disinherited against the stuffed-up, but that of rapacious capitalists of various nations that dispute the privilege of exploiting the disinherited of Europe and other lands that one or other of these capitalists control.

Therefore, to work with zeal so that the capitalists of the allied nations do not lack the necessary elements to gain supremacy over the other capitalists, is simply, for the English workers, to forge more solidly the chains that they and their descendants will drag in the future.