Title: Revolution Statement
Author: KAFEH!
Date: 31st October 2019
Source: Retrieved on 12th August 2020 from https://kafeh.org/releases/

Everyone has become aware of the revolutionary events taking place in Lebanon. This movement has gone global, and the international media is reporting on it and lauding it for its uniqueness and success.

The KAFEH movement is proud of its participation in the events of this revolution, and of being at the center of the movements. Whether in calls and invites, sit-ins, setting tents, confrontations, statements, or permanent presence and full readiness, KAFEH has been at the forefront.

These protests represent KAFEH ideologically in every way:

First and foremost, this revolution is without a leader or hierarchy to control it, and automatically rejects whoever tries to lay claim on it and speak and take decisions on its behalf. This represents the philosophy of the anarchist and non-authoritarian KAFEH movement; enforcing direct decision by the people.

It has become clear as well that the rebels are standing in opposition to the whole system and all who represent it and defend its legitimacy. The rebels insist on not stopping until all the symbols of the current regime have been torn down. This attitude is one of the most essential pillars of anarchism.

Furthermore, the people are showing a clear rejection of sectarianism, racism and bureaucracy as well as support for the idea of absolute freedom and abolition of all chains that bind us. And these ways of thought represent Kafeh’s anarchist ideology.

Therefore, KAFEH announces its continuous support to this revolution until the achievement of full victory. We will not tire or stop until the entire regime has fallen. And we will use all available methods to achieve the people’s goals.

Finally, Kafeh salutes all the activists in the streets and squares, and puts itself completely at the disposal of the people in all activities and urges them to not back down or surrender, but to proceed forward until victory is achieved.