Title: How to disrupt voting.
Subtitle: In France the European Election will be held on coming Sunday - how to show that I have zero faith in politiciands -
Author: Kenneth Keen
Notes: Nam June Paik - led the way.

This is nothing more than an attempt to find out how best to make my vote show that I trust NONE of the 46 candidates. If the judicial system is anything to go by then these crooks can be no better. The only politicians I have ever met and spoken with - one called me a rascal, and the other didn't agree to his complete financial status being made transparent for the world to see since as a politician the pay is good and should not reveal large inflows of revenues at any time.

Today I the government demanded for a third time this year that I send them my financial overview - how much I spent on the phone, water, gas, insurance, moblie phone, you name it they wanted to know - and that was just to claim a miserable 240 euros to supplement what is left over from my miserable pension of 346 euros after 50 years of working for the system. I brought in more money to this country than 95% of the rest of you, and still have no more than 100 euros a month to live on since October 2024.

Each of us will doubtless have a similiar story and I have had my fill of this corrupt load of crooks, guarding each other's backs to make sure the money keeps flowing in. And from what I understand politicians get a pension undiminished till the day they die.


is where anyone in the world can contact me if you have smart ideas and something which would simply make the whole system redundant - such as making creativity the true value - money will soon disappear anyway with the arrival of digital money but artistic value will be appreciated at any time and in fact will grow, and will always be consumed simply by looking at it - a free pleasure - that is what we should all be concentrating on making - and I did it today by putting in well over 50 seedlings into larger pots which were found in the trash area of the local graveyard - and filled with soil that the good moles brought to the surface - moist and full of richness - all for free. So flowers will appear. That is creativity - pure.

So give me your responses and don't be afraid.

I certainly am NOT!!
2024 06 06 19:30