“There are so many stupidities, lies, fakes that it is almost impossible to respond in the rhythm indicated… lies after lies and a rhythm of vertiginous updating.
Millimeter by millimeter it is necessary to remove this trash… without discussion, without half-tints and without space for dialogue. Since always we were quite critical of the anarchist pages that began to publish ITS and its derivations… it was to give them space in view of the “novelty”, to feed egos and messianic delusions that today we have to pay dearly.”

From comrades in Chile

The eco-fascist and nihilist-right groupscule ITS Mexico, which originated from individualist and anti-technology ideas and which has begun attacking and threatening anarchists in Mexico and elsewhere, has established itself as an irrationalist authoritarian tendency, carrying out reactionary and repressive actions designed to inflict injuries and deaths against random individuals in the name of their religious concept, Wild Nature. In their exhortations to this sacred ideal, their militants have built a Church of ideological purity, repenting of their anarchy and gathering unto themselves an ultra-moralistic and sycophantic internet choir of shit-talkers, fakes and show-offs.

“We are worse than Hitler. We are worse than eco-fascists.“ Atassa

In those cases which have been made known, of anarchist comrades being at the receiving end of pathetic attacks, threats and smears from these fanatics of “eco-extremism”, we agree with the comrades in Mexico when they echo the call of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, to eliminate negative and reactionary influences in the defense of anarchist space.

Taking the words of the “eco-extremist mafia” for what they are, their claims of responsibility, their intentions, their choices, it is obvious to us.

Those who threaten us, attack us, blur our anarchic discourse with authoritarian words and speech are enemies. As they aim to divide, provoke and manipulate our anarchist comrades and us, we’ll definitely respond and push back to prevent them from trying to insinuate themselves among us to recruit and move tolerated through our networks.

This means collecting and spreading analytical data about them like we already do as an existing part of the total liberation struggle against reactionary and authoritarian groups. It means exposing their rotten ideology, exposing what they are doing and antagonising them in all the ways we can. It means physically stopping their projects and suppressing them through force if necessary. Instead of waiting, we should aggravate them and cut them off where we find them. These provocateurs and their idolising flock can get what they deserve after asking for it for so long.

Strength to the comrades in Chile, in Mexico, and the other places that are fighting against this anti-anarchist trash that seeks to justify indiscriminate murders, religious ideology and other cultish shit.

For black anarchy and international solidarity.