Title: Ça Ira
Date: February 9, 1890
Source: Retrieved on 24th September 2020 from https://www.marxists.org/subject/anarchism/bandit/ca-ira.htm
Notes: Originally published in Le Bandit du Nord. Year 1, no. 1. Sunday February 9, 1890. Translated by Mitchell Abidor.

In Paris last Thursday a meeting organized by the famous Basly [1] took place in the thirteenth arrondissement.

There was a debate, and the other famous person, Paulin May [2], was there to participate. It seems he was attacked with sticks and stones.

Five or six politicians were more or less seriously wounded. If only, like the two lions in the fable, they would devour each other so that nothing was left on the battlefield but their two tails, at least the people could pick them up and make a bouillon of them (pigs tails also make a very good one).

[1] Emile Basly – leader of the miners’ union in the north of France

[2] Probably Paulin May, who defeated Basly in an election in 1889