Title: Other humanity is possible?
Author: León Darío
Date: April 2020
Source: Number 5 (April) of the Spanish anarcho individualist magazine “El Errante”

Yes, surely you are thinking based on the title, in which I am going to shuffle the various possibilities that may exist of extra-planetary life, outside the stratosphere, maybe inside? In the terrestrial interior? ramble on if there are “similar” of flesh and blood, perhaps not in other galaxies but in this same “globe” but in other remote times, ufological theories ... but no, it will be that no, there they will not go my paths, my reflection and text are closer to that humanity for which, many champions of anarchism “anarchistically” correct and more humanitarian, tell us that we have to fight like evangelists with blind faith in that mass called humanity, they instill in us that We must love humanity, which is the objective, that we must love it and liberate it, we must save it, sacrifice ourselves for our neighbor ... liberate it from what? Save it from whom? What neighbor? Why all that morality?

The concept of “freedom” is both ambiguous and subjective, and it is fundamentally when, in it, you encompass the more than seven billion “similar” who populate the planet earth, each one “from his father and mother” and at the same time from no one, a freedom “for humanity”, to a humanity whose concept of freedom is to enjoy their bourgeois lives, aspire to opulence, feel correct, exemplary and exemplary citizens by casting their democratic vote on those who cheat legislature after legislature, consume their drugs, fervently support their football clubs with their billionaire idols, gobble up their junk food and abide by their prophets and gurus, spiritual or business, ... on the other side of that human spectrum, we have those who are “on the other side of the bar” of these, pastors and leaders, influencers, their clergy, exploitative employers, their suppliers of narcotic substances, their politicians swindlers, their bureaucrats, their courts with their corrupt judges ... freedom for them too? To continue exploiting workers? To continue dictating morality and exercising spiritual authorities over their servants? , To continue producing and distributing drugs? Perhaps to enclose the poor within four walls, seeking lives ... each one has their own particular concept of freedom, their mere interpretation, freedom, but all of them united in the same nexus, freedom, the freedom to get high, to exploit workers, to give everything, including their precarious salary, to see their favorite football club and applaud with the ears to their foot ball “stars”, they work long and hard to pay bills, feed themselves and hopefully have a few beers in the boring neighborhood bar.

That is the attitude of the “earthling”, of the average human being. I advocate, without any valid dogmatism, what I consider and always say is and should be the “epicenter” of anarchy and its highest expression, anarchist individualism; Well, although I am not in possession of absolute reason but that is my reason and what sets me apart and differentiates me from others, I consider that the maximum exponent of the “confessed” or self-considered militant or anarchist is his individual fulfillment with the uprising, development and potentiality of their intellectual and manual qualities and aptitudes, the exploitation and enjoyment of their senses, theirs and those of the loved ones that surround them the most, since the individualist also enjoys seeing their loved ones, partner, family members happy ... as an individualist it is not of living in an isolated cave, maintaining an attitude of “huraño”.

challenging and throwing stones at the first one he detects in his vicinity, but rather a way of preserving his interests, his critical attitude towards life and his autonomy, he can join them, but always with other similar beings without losing such condition and without dilute and submit their individuality in the assembly or collectivity, maintaining their particular and intrinsic principles and foundations to external interference of any condition, in these unions of similar beings they feed back, acquire and exchange knowledge ... that is the anarchist spirit of meaning common, not the fight for any humanity that already writes its destiny and that, to a large extent, allows itself and even enjoys being exploited, manipulated, drugged and enslaved ... according to the objective factors that I have mentioned above.

The individualist anarchist is at times pragmatic, adapting to the diverse and varied circumstances that are presented to him and with which he has no choice but to deal, but it will always be for his own benefit.

This anarchism, correct, admitted and humanitarian, influenced by the precepts of the left, advocates the “working class”, not even a third of a third of a third of that working class, not only does not feel part of it, but that if they could, they would occupy the armchairs of their exploiting employers without hesitation, but to act as such and reverse the situation as long as this would bring them “good lives”, opulence, eat in luxury restaurants, dress “well” and buy expensive cars.

The course of humanity is cyclical, and will always “evolve” but in function of development and evolution in fashion clothing, vehicles or new drugs. The “proletariat”, the “working class” and other epithets only exist in outdated Marxist brochures.

Anarchist, be critical, reason, do not succumb, exploit your five senses, rise up, think, act and exercise dissident.

León Darío