Title: The privilege of uniqueness
Author: León Darío
Date: May-June 2020
Source: Article published by me in number 7 of the individualist anarchist magazine “El errante”

You cannot suppose the privilege that the free exercise of being the master and sovereign of your acts implies without rendering subordination to the dogmatic or moral abstractions that chain and subjugate the free and natural healthy development of individuality, breaking the subjective walls of contention. that act like phantasmagoria. Political, religious, moral dogmatisms ... all of them make up a labyrinthine tangle that the individual must overcome trying to penetrate into the smallest loophole that saves him from the least “counter-dogmatic” aberration committed for the benefit to which he aspires in his own and So he is about to tear down that retaining wall that slows the passage of his own ambitions, violating the codes that subjugate any hint of particularity. Among the communist moralist ranks, the minimum vital sign in the well-being of one of its followers will be considered as a vile betrayal such as, for example, the abandonment of a working-class neighborhood for the transfer to a larger house located in a natural environment under the protection of pure breathing and a considerable spread of land for the play of the smallest of the family; Such a “heresy” will be judged as such ipso facto even though it has not been mediated by the exploitation of man by man and has been obtained as a result of his own effort in the course of the job or perhaps a family inheritance. The communist who left his “hive” behind by moving to evolution, will have the label of “bourgeois” among other epithets hanging until the end of his days.

The religious person who does not self-repress his most natural instincts and who gives himself with carnal passion to the love intertwined with the person he loves, will have desecrated the rules of arriving “pure” at the consummation of marriage.

Family education, the political class, the most reactionary traditions, creeds, laws, superstitions, homelands, states, not nations in their most communal concept ... all of them are pieces in the link of the same oppressive chain Call it humanitarian, call it moral, state, reactionary, clerical ...

Call it the same rope!