Title: Long Live Free Algeria!
Topics: Algeria, France
Date: 1954
Notes: Translated from the French of a poster widely plastered on the walls of Paris in 1954, which police responded to with arrests and by seizing the remaining posters, as well as issue number 404 of the newspaper ‘Le Libertaire’

A savage repression descends on Algeria.

Many Algerian workers are under surveillance or arrested.

The MTLD [Movement for the Triumph of Democratic Liberties] and its newspaper “L’Algerie libre” are banned.

The Mendès-Mitterrand government and the rubbish press wrap up Algerian Resistance fighters in slander and insults.

To this campaign of hatred designed to conceal colonialist schemes, we respond:

Terrorism is not an isolated fact, nor is it provoked by Radio Cairo broadcasts.

The revolt is the consequence of 124 years of expropriations, super-exploitation, repression and massacres.

It is the only hope of the fellahs and agricultural workers earning 250 francs a day, of the hundreds of thousands of unemployed, of the emigrants flowing back to the shantytowns, engaged in a fight to the death for independence, that is to say, against exploiter colonialism.

All united, despite the lies of some and the silence of others (the major so-called workers’ parties), we will demonstrate our solidarity with Algerian workers and demand:

  • the withdrawal of the contingent and all troops from North Africa. We don’t want a new Indochina queue, we don’t want our sons and brothers in uniform to be turned into “fellaghas hunters”.

  • the lifting of the ban on the MTLD and its newspaper “L’Algérie libre”.

  • the release of Messali Hadj and all MTLD militants.

Forward against colonialism with the Libertarian Communist International

The Libertarian Communist Federation

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