Title: Libertarian socialists on the frontlines
Date: 8 November 2012
Source: Retrieved on 6th March 2021 from lsmegypt.blogspot.com

It is the same techniques that Mubarak’s regime used, that is being adopt by Mursi’s regime but with more slag and more arrogance, during the rule of Mubarak state the SS could at least bravely fabricate tons of political cases against the opposition and against strugglers against his rule, in the contrary Mursi regime chose cowardly to hide behind curtains of criminal cases against workers and freedom fighters.

LSM were and still on the frontlines of confrontation with the corrupted regime whether it’s military face or the civil one represented by Muslims brotherhood, on the front lines of confrontation against state repression, and Against tyranny and exploitation of the capitalism, we were and still shoulder to shoulder next to workers and drudges, because this is our choice that we exist for, and it is our unwavering faith for a new society.

Mursi’s shaky system and it’s allies, the corrupted capitalist looters, are panickingbecause of the enormous wave of workers struggle that is flowing across Egypt. So they decide to fight back workers and LSM members assuming that this will stop the flood of workers struggles. they accuse our comrade Mohamed Serag el-Din (workers in el-Max Salt Company) accusinG him of vandalism, Punishing him for his solidarity with his temporary employment colleagues and they actually sentenced him for one month, Also a report has been filed against comrade Mohamed Ezz (college student) accusing him of inciting Pirelli workers to strike and protest, Punishing him for his efforts to support the workers during their strike against their management, and last the accusation that is fabricated against comrade Ali el-Kastawy (struggler and workers lawyer) for the same reasons.

These accusation are frivolous and they will never effect our cause, we are honored to be suppressed and jailed for supporting workers struggle, we are considering this fight against us as a recognition from the capitalists and the regime of how our actions strongly effects the system. We are promising them more and more till we reach the libertarian socialist society, when the power will be in the hands of the people

we as LSM are not afraid of you, and we are fully able to defend our comrades and the workers furiously and very brutal that you never tried before, we dare you from our positions, between the workers lines , we are dare you whether the repressive state or as representatives of the exploitation capitalism, we won’t step back, we will stand on the front lines of the strugglers till the victory.


Long live Libertarian Socialists Movement