Title: Debunking Holocaust Deniers
Subtitle: They’re Very Dumb and Love nazis.
Author: Lohse
Date: February 16, 2021
Source: Retrieved on 6 October 2023 from https://archive.md/uCjME

We were faced with the question: What about the women and children? I have decided on a solution to this problem. I did not consider myself justified to exterminate the men only – in other words, to kill them or have them killed while allowing the avengers, in the form of their children, to grow up in the midst of our sons and grandsons. The difficult decision had to be made to have this people disappear from the earth.

Heinrich Himmler, 1946

A little while ago I was swinging my dick around on Twitter and soon enough various people were telling me that the left are the real fascists. One of ’em stuck out more than the others. As is customary when you find someone real dumb on Twitter, I clicked his profile to have a look. The pinned tweet was denying The Holocaust (it’s since been changed). He claimed that “only” 270,000 people died in nazi prison camps, and “only” half of those were Jews. I called him out, told him he’s an antisemite, and it’s ridiculous that someone denying The Holocaust would call me, an anarchist, a fascist. A word he clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of. Go read some Eco.

He asked me to provide a primary source that six million Jews were killed, and linked to an essay I presume was meant to provide proof that The Holocaust is a hoax. The “Jewish” before “hoax” is presumed.

Somehow, most shockingly of all. There’s so much of this… I’m loathed to call it work… material. Holocaust denial has been around since at least the sixties. I was expecting it to mostly just be “ooo aren’t the Jews bad”, and there’s definitely a lot of that. But there are a huge number of books and articles and utter effin’ nonsense pseudoscience they like to claim as sources for their “research”. These pricks are nothing if not committed. Well, committed and very racist. Two things.

Let me be very clear from the start. I’m not debating these people. I didn’t read the essay thinking well maybe they have some interesting points worth looking into. They don’t. I knew it would be lies and hate. But I wanted to know what kind and on what they based it, because apparently, I have problems.

If you’re looking for a supposed “balanced view” where I give any of their ideas any credence, you won’t find it here. There is no balance. The Holocaust happened. It was appalling. I wish it hadn’t happened. But it did. These fuckers think they’re doing Jews a favour by telling them it didn’t happen. That they should be grateful their ancestors weren’t murdered en masse. There is no debate to be had. In fact, if you only take one thing away from this blog post let it be “don’t debate fascists”. They always lie. Always.

But if you want to read someone relentlessly mock and get angry at fascists and racists. Well, my friend, have I got a post for you.

I haven’t even looked into what the latest crop of alt-right… sorry I definitely mean far-right white supremacist grifters use to deny The Holocaust. But judging by how sloppy their work always is, I’m sure they’re not adding any new material to the already distressingly large pile. Nazis gonna nazi.

Of the many tens of thousands of words I’ve now read about Holocaust denial, the essay originally sent to me is a pretty good summary of all the shite they believe. Though it is not a good essay. All you need to debunk it is critical thinking and reading comprehension. But I thought it’d be fun to examine and debunk its claims.

Of course, It wasn’t fun because it’s The Holocaust. It was …interesting though. And so, so dumb.

I am under no illusion that this post will change deniers’ minds. But if it does, that’s pretty cool.

Oh, and please note, some stuff is redacted to make this fascist nonsense harder to find.

Also, I don’t care if “nazi” is a proper noun. I’m not exerting the effort to capitalize it. When it comes to nazis my pettiness knows no bounds. Fuck ’em.

Content warning: Death. They’re blurry, grainy and hard to make out, but there are two photos of corpse piles in this post. The post has many headings. I’ll make sure to add a warning at the beginning of the part with the pictures so you can scroll past if you prefer.

Why Not Six Million?

First up, there’s no primary source to prove that exactly six million Jews were murdered in The Holocaust. No one has ever claimed there is. The Holocaust death count was estimated using a whole bunch of primary sources. It’s a number that’s changed over the years based on research using things like census data, railway records of trains that went to the death camps, and testimonies from survivors and nazis.

There seem to be four central claims to the deniers’ argument.

  1. There are no documents that say the nazis had a program of mass extermination, and documents that do are fake or irrelevant.

  2. Testimonies from experts and survivors disprove the existence of gas chambers.

  3. There were gas chambers at the Auschwitz, but they were used for disinfecting clothes and mattresses to stop the spread of typhus, not murder people.

  4. The camp commander of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoess testified at the Nuremberg Trials that there was a program of industrialised murder. But this was obtained through torture.

The sources used in the essay are very bad and some don’t actually exist, I go into an example later on. So if it seems like I’m ignoring a source, that’s why. If you do get hold of the link, please bear in mind that I haven’t debunked every single teeny tiny little claim the essay makes. It’s over five thousand words long, and the things I do debunk make them irrelevant.

There Are So Damn Many Damn Documents Fuck Just Have a Research!

Here’s what the deniers say about documentation:

Amongst all the archival material for the German Third Reich, there has always been a notable lack of documentation to support the existence of an intentional mass-extermination program – of Jews, or anyone else. We have all heard stories about a Nazi program of exterminating Jews, but to what extent are there documents or any physical remains showing this? Has the traditional Holocaust story developed merely out of rumours, misunderstandings, and wartime propaganda?

Holocaust Denier

That quote seems to be using the “nazis slipped and fell and killed thousands of Jews by accident” defence.

But of course the answer to their question is: No.

Despite what some people might have you believe, the nazis were not crazy or stupid. They knew what they were doing. And even though antisemitism has always been rampant in Europe, they were aware that the industrialised murder of Jews, or anyone, would not make them look good, so they didn’t publicise it.

As you’ll come to see The Allies knew the nazis were exterminating Jews, albeit not in such high numbers. This has never been a point that’s up for debate until these twats came along.

Regardless. The amount of evidence presented at the Nuremberg Trials was vast. You can see some of it here. The US National Archive has even more. Literally 20 million pages. Apparently it’s all fake. Yawn.

The Documented Death Machines.

All across nazi controlled Europe there were ghettos, operations, and camps that were involved in the genocide. Jewish ghettos made it easier to round Jews up onto trains to be transported to death camps.

Gas vans drove around pumping carbon monoxide into the back suffocating victims. These were eventually stopped because drivers were so traumatised by the screams of the dying. Mass executions by firing squad were frequent in nazi controlled areas of the USSR.

Even if these murders were recorded, the nazis started destroying records from 1943 as the war began to turn. Many documents remain for Operation Barbarossa and Reinhardt. These were operations that preceded the terrifyingly named Final Solution to The Jewish Question.

In Operation Reinhardt, 1.3 million Jews were murdered by gas in one hundred days between three different death camps: Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka. The kill rate is believed to be ten times higher than the next closest genocide.

Trains came from all over Europe packed with Jews, who were murdered by gas shortly after arrival. Schedules by definition are documented, and were recovered for these train journeys. They, along with the size of the cattle trains used to transport victims, were used to estimate how many people were murdered in total.

The quote at the start of this blog is part of a speech Himmler gave in Pozen regarding The Final Solution. That this speech occurred was confirmed by head nazi architect, Albert Speer in a letter from 1971. He attended the speech, but for years claimed he’d left the room before extermination was discussed. His letters proved otherwise, and merely added further proof that it occurred.

The Wannsee Conference took place in January 1942. It was meeting of senior government officials and SS leaders. The most damning piece of evidence, on screen now, is a list of the estimated Jewish populations of European countries under nazi control. 11 million. And like, who specifically counts Jews by countries under military control? Famous Jewish friendly organisation nazi Germany?

The Wannsee List
“But Nobody Saw Anything!” Enter, The Polish Government.

The nearest we have to primary-source documents concerning what went on within the camps, comes from the bulky, three-volume International Red Cross Report published in 1948. This and especially Volume III describes the couple of thousand regular, routine inspection-visits that its doctors made through the war years to the Polish labour-camps. Their report never hints at any gas-chamber, nor any mass-cremations. While maintaining a politically neutral position, it confirms that mortality in the camps was to a large extent caused by the allied terror-bombing.

Holocaust Denier

That the Allies didn’t know about the death camps is a common refrain amongst the deniers. I think what’s being referred to in this quote are visits the Red Cross made to the Theresienstadt ghetto – which wasn’t a happy place. But it wasn’t a death camp.

Anyway, I’m unable to find the Red Cross source being referred to here. We can make some educated guesses about the deniers’ claims though. So, let’s pretend for a moment it is true.

There are two things worth pointing out: Not all camps started off as death camps, Auschwitz was originally for slave labour. Secondly, the nazis weren’t stupid. They hid or obfuscated a lot of things. Plenty of slaves at the death camps never saw a gas chamber (more on that later). Civilian staff were also mostly unaware. It’s entirely plausible that if, and it’s a big if, the Red Cross did enter the death camps they weren’t shown the gas chambers or crematoriums.

Whaaatever. I doubt it’s true.

Anyway. Let’s talk about the Poles.

During the war, the Polish government was exiled in Britain, they still had operatives in Poland and were sent regular reports. The Polish White Book was the informal name for a collection of these reports from 1939-1941. It documented many of the shitty things the nazis and the Soviets were doing in Poland. It was followed by The Black Book of Poland in 1942. This featured authenticated documents, testimonies and so on of the war crimes, extermination programmes, and confirmed the murders of at least 400,000 by the nazis.

From at least 1942 the Allies knew that Jews were being murdered en masse.

NB: Since doing yet more research for this, it’s clear that it was known much earlier than even that. Still, the debunkery stands. The Allies knew.

Selection of images from both books.

The Sonderkommando.

Content Warning: This is the section of the essay with a couple of pictures with dead bodies in. They’re hard to make out, but they’re there.

Not only is there no trace of “Third Reich” documentation for what is alleged, but no photographs exist showing anything resembling such a group-gassing procedure. Do you believe that Jews both male and female stripped then marched into the gas chambers, then were hauled out in piles? If so, are you willing to believe that neither the very-thorough Germans nor the clever Jews wanted or were able to get a single picture of this ultimate horror? Go to Google and search – you’ll find rows of emaciated bodies, dead of typhus, will that do? I don’t think so.

Holocaust Denier

H’oookay. I too am willing to be forced into a shower alongside hundreds of other people one of whom is a man in uniform with a gas mask and camera and not panic or protest. That seems like something anyone would do, right? Ugh. I can also look at a photo of a body and tell the cause of death. Double ugh.

I want to write so much about the Sonderkommando, because what was done to them is arguably worse than anything else the nazis did to anyone. If you’ve seen the astonishing movie Son of Saul you know who they were.

If not, very briefly, they were slaves chosen on arrival to the death camps to perform clean-up of the nazi’s mass murder. They sorted through the belongings of the recently murdered. They pulled bodies from the gas chambers. They cremated and burnt corpses. They ground down the bones of the cremated to dust. The nazis knew what they were doing was disgusting, and that it traumatised the SS men doing it. So they forced the job on others. After about six months of work, the Sonderkommando were executed and replaced.

Sonderkommando with a bone crushing machine.

Auschwitz 1944, a group of them managed to smuggle four, admittedly not great, photos out. The film was passed to a civilian canteen worker and taken to the Polish Resistance. The men had to shoot quickly, and from the hip. It was dangerous as hell. The pictures are below, and include women undressing before being gassed. And a picture of the same women, dead, being burned in pits.

The Sonderkommando Photographs. Two are retouched and cropped versions. One is just trees. Two were taken inside a gas chamber.

A frequent claim of the deniers is that there are few if any human remains found around the camps, and that the crematoriums were too small, or not hot enough to burn as many corpses as were killed by the nazis. The nazis didn’t use ovens like the ones that are used in crematoriums today that turn one body fully to dust and take half an hour or so. They burned the flesh, then crushed the bones. When there were too many bodies for the ovens, they were burned in pits. Ash was dumped in the nearby river and swamp, or used as fertilizer in the farmland surrounding the camp.

Auschwitz From The Air.

The following quote refers to US air-photographs of Auschwitz taken in 1944 and released in 1978 by the CIA.

The few air photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau known to date from the period of December 1943 to February 1945 show no signs of fuel depots, smoke from chimneys or open fires, burning pits or pyres. The photos were altered: Zyklon B input hatches, groups of inmates, and walls around crematoria were retouched onto the photo negatives. […] To this day there is no air photo evidence to support the alleged mass murder of the Jews at any location in Europe occupied by the Germans during World War Two […] That the photos in western hands were altered in order to incriminate Germany, and were first published by the CIA, is also very significant indeed.

John Clive Ball, Holocaust Denier

The person being quoted above is John Clive Ball. He claimed to be an expert aerial photography analysis expert analysis man with a BSc in Geology expert relevant expert dumb. Why can’t I find his name attached to any other work like this? Hmmmmm.

I’m going to link something that disproves him far more robustly than I can. But guess who doesn’t have any relevant qualifications, and got called out by a US judge for misrepresenting himself, because the judge knew more than he did?!

Yep. You got it right. Well done you!

In short, Ball said he could take the pictures below, of two different locations. Make a stereoscopic 3D image of them (like 3D movies in a cinema) and with that image he ended up with a model of the camps and got all the quoted information above. Ignoring his claims of doctoring, or where he got the original negatives from. Even if he was able to garner that information from them. It doesn’t prove or disprove anything. Right? These photos were taken at one brief moment in time. It’s not a six year long video. Idiot. Real ballsbag.

Anyhoo, the photos were taken by mistake during a bombing raid of a nearby IG Farben synthetic-oil factory. The bomber pilot released his bombs at the wrong time and photos were taken on release. They weren’t intended for reconnaissance. The annotations were added at a later date by the CIA. The Auschwitz camps were never purposefully bombed by the Allies, nor the railway lines that supplied them.


Now, I’m not a fan of the CIA, because I have a brain, a dislike of imperialism, and a moral compass. But I struggle to see the logic behind them releasing some annotated photos more than thirty years after the end of The Second World War. ‘Cos, y’know, since then some people had gone and had a look round Auschwitz. Figured out what was what and where it was. Written it down too. It wouldn’t be particularly hard to then compare the photos with notes, and label them accordingly. Gosh, how smart the CIA are. With their notes, and intelligence, and agency. But also, fuck the CIA.

The One Line That Proves The Holocaust Didn’t Happen. Um.

HA! I’ve been tricking you this whole time. (I haven’t really).

German military radio messages were successfully decrypted at Bletchley Park using the “enigma” codebreaker. Concerning the labour camps, over the period Spring 1942-February 1943, the following information was obtained: [26]

“The return from Auschwitz, the largest of the camps with 20,000 prisoners, mentioned illness as the main cause of death, but included references to shootings and hangings. There were no references in the decrypts to gassings.”

That seems clear enough – though no-one took any notice of it at Nuremberg.

Holocaust Denier

Here we have one line from a decrypted nazi message that disproves The Holocaust. Why did they even bother writing anything else? Why did I? I had no idea this was all so simple. Why doesn’t everyone know about this one magical line that proves nazis were okay and the Allies and survivors were all lying? You fucking ghouls.

Sarcasm aside, I don’t know how this can be claimed to prove anything. There’s no context. Is that one message? Is it a summary of all the decoded messages between the stated dates? What do messages or summaries from further reports state?

You may have notice a random 26 in the quoted text. It’s a reference leading to a collection of British Intelligence reports from The Second World War, documented and edited by F.H.Hinsley. He was one of the people, along with Alan Turing, responsible for cracking the Enigma code. There are five total volumes (the third is split into two). The volume this quote is from, II, is 1103 pages long. The first is 836. Because I’m um not insane, I haven’t read them. I’ll hazard a guess that the essay’s author hasn’t either. The quote picked out by the author is from page 673 of volume 2. I bet my fucking fancy TV that one quote from a series of books totalling roughly five thousand fucking pages does not disprove The Holocaust.

You guys, I hate them so fucking much.

Let’s Throw A Child Under The Bus. Fucking Hell.

It’s hard to say exactly which of the examples and claims in this essay is sickest. But let’s quickly add a contender for most horrible twisting of reality before we move to the next section.

The Allied carpet-bombing destroyed the supply lines for the Camps, and so the death-toll mounted from famine and disease. Leaflets were dropped from the air, alleging that at Auschwitz a “final solution” /extermination of Jews policy was being conducted, using gas. [33] That was the genesis of the story, as those Allied-propaganda leaflets were believed.

Holocaust Denier

We already know the supply lines to Auschwitz weren’t destroyed. So whatever. Relatively harmless enough, right?

Wrong. Source 33 of the essay is The Diary of Anne Frank. Yep. These motherfuckers.

I can’t find my copy. But it’s utterly irrelevant. In her diary Anne says she heard about the extermination of Jews on the radio. “But no!” The deniers cry. “She just lied about it and actually found a propaganda leaflet.” And that proves the above. And they prove their take on this …by guessing? No, lying. Either way, so dumb. So dumb.

This is the level of straw grasping we’re dealing with.

nazi Baby’s First Science Reports.

So, back in the eighties an infamous neo-nazi called Ernst Zundel got caught handing out literature that claimed The Holocaust was a hoax. He’s had a lot of well-deserved legal trouble over the years, and was eventually jailed for five years in Germany. One of his claims was that the gas chambers at Auschwitz weren’t used for murder, but for cleaning. This has become central to the deniers’ argument.

For a change, I’m quoting Wikipedia, not a nazi. Special treat! Quote:

In 1977, Zündel founded a small press publishing house called Samisdat Publishers, which issued such neo-Nazi pamphlets as his co-authored The Hitler We Loved and Why and Richard Verrall’s Did Six Million Really Die? The Truth At Last, which were both significant documents to the Holocaust denial movement. Verrall’s pamphlet should not be confused with Barbara Kulaszka’s book Did Six Million Really Die? Report on the Evidence in the Canadian “False News” Trial of Ernst Zündel, 1988.


Seems like a real swell guy.

Mattresses or Murder?

Sooo, was Zundel right? Did the nazis just like to keep their slave camps nice and clean and lemony fresh for their slaves. A group of people historically well known for being treated well.

Zyklon-B was used at Auschwitz, as an insecticide. It was vital in attempting to maintain hygiene that mattresses be deloused. Liquid hydrogen cyanide was adsorbed onto clay-type granules, designed to make the deadly gas as “safe” as it could be. If you go to Auschwitz today, you can’t see any authentic gas chambers. You see stone huts, and experts have testified that they could not have been used to gas people, owing to problems in sealing them up (Zyklon-B released its cyanide gas rather slowly).

Holocaust Denier

Zyklon-B was the gas used by the nazis.

Why on Earth would the nazis care about delousing mattresses for their prisoners? We’ve all seen pictures of prisoners in the camps when they were liberated. They were dirty, and deathly thin. We can’t seriously believe the nazis cared about cleaning their sleeping quarters.

Also that linked source leads nowhere.

Prisoners in their bunkrooms when Auschwitz was liberated.
Um where are the mattresses?

Now, who are these experts?

Dummy Number 1.

In 1988 the scientific team of Fred Leuchter (a US execution-expert “Mr Death” in gas-chamber technology) visited Poland, and concluded that the Auschwitz “gas chambers” could not possibly have functioned in the alleged manner – i.e., they were not gas chambers. In the following years, others would confirm the accuracy of his seminal, “Leuchter Report”.

Holocaust Denier

Leuchter was neither a scientist nor an engineer, yet claimed he was both. He was taken to court about his false qualifications in 1991, and admitted he’d lied about having any at all. Before this he provided execution equipment to US prisons, so in all fairness he did have some experience in the field. Is that a big deal? You decide.

Leuchter was hired for $30,000 by Ernst Zundel to help disprove The Holocaust by demonstrating gas chambers had been used for decontamination. The “others” referred to are one guy, who we’ll get to in a bit.

It gets shadier!

The samples he used as evidence in his report, he stole from Auschwitz by chipping off pieces of brick from inside the chambers. He filmed himself doing this, so we know the samples are actually genuine. I guess that’s… good?

But it’s worth noting that 1988 is 43 years after they were last used. And he only sampled one camp. There were a lot of chambers in a lot of camps, and death camps were not the only way the nazis exterminated Jews. Also pro-tip, kids. Don’t film yourself doing crimes.

Leuchter’s hypothesis was that if cyanide had been used, there’d be a thin film of it on the walls of the gas chambers. Because he absolutely wasn’t a scientist and didn’t know what the hell he was talking about, Leuchter paid to have them analysed at a lab. He didn’t tell the lab why or what exactly he was looking for. He said the samples were from an industrial accident. The lab found hydrogen-cyanide (the poison in Zyklon-B) in the samples, but he ignored this. Um. That’s a weird thing to do. Is he grifting?

James Roth, the scientist who did the testing said that the methodology he used was flawed, because of Leuchter’s lie about what the samples were for. The masonry from the chamber walls was pulverised before analysis, and so diluted the cyanide in brick dust. It’s a terrible way to test for the thin film of poison that would have been there (duh!). Roth said this meant it was like: “analyzing paint on a wall by analyzing the timber that’s behind it.” So the Leuchter Report proved absolutely nothing. But there are other junk science claims in it too! Who’d have guessed? Not antisemites, that’s for true! And in response to me previous posed question; yes, he was grifting.

The most scientifically egregious thing is that it fails to include that hydrogen-cyanide (Zyklon-B) kills humans in lesser quantities and much faster than insects – such as lice. Which sounds weird, but it’s to do with their metabolic structure. But who can blame him for not knowing that? He’s not a scientist. Not his fault. Nope.

Leuchter also claimed that it would take more than twenty hours for the gas to ventilate after use as an execution chamber. So why would this make it suitable for mass decontamination of clothing etc? Also, um, gas masks were and are a thing. So goddamn dumb.

So just so we’re clear, the essay I’m debunking is based on a junk report from a legally proven liar with no scientific expertise in the field, and was commissioned by a neo-nazi. Let’s see what the next dummy has to say for himself.

Dummy Number 2.

The German chemist Germar Rudolf, who worked at the Max Plank institute for Solid State Physics, is now in jail, because he likewise measured the high levels of the cyanide in the walls of the de-lousing chambers. It happens that this gas bonds permanently with iron, and iron is present in all the cement etc of stone walls. Whereas, he found none in the walls of what were supposed to be the “gas chambers” which were mainly shower units. He thereby confirmed the work of Leuchter who likewise only found remains of the cyanide gas-insecticide in the de-lousing chambers.

Holocaust Denier

Uh huh. Firstly, Leuchter’s work did prove there was cyanide in the walls, he left that bit out of his report. And you used his report to say that it wasn’t there in the first place. Which is it?!

Next, cement is made of several things, iron is indeed one of them. When mixed, cement is roughly 15% iron. Iron and cyanide can too bond. The chemical bonding process is complicated and I’m not going to explain it here, because I only half understand it.

However, I can say with certainty, because I understand space and volume and capacity and surface area. That there is a finite amount of space on an iron molecule for cyanide molecules to bond to it. Iron doesn’t digest cyanide.

And of course, like Leuchter before him, Rudolf used a terrible method of testing. He didn’t discriminate between the different iron/cyanide compounds found in the gas chamber walls. And even if he had, all his work proved is that some cyanide gas went into the walls and got out of the chambers. This is not at all surprising. The kill rate of Jews by the nazis was obscenely high. The chambers were in almost constant use.

Iron and cyanide mixing can lead to a blue compound, commonly known as Prussian Blue which is used in dye and paint. Blue discolouration seen on the exterior of gas chambers is claimed by these dummies as proof that all the gas seeped through the walls and into the atmosphere. But if that truly was the case, why did the nazis keep gassing rooms that all the gas just left anyway? As we’ve already discussed. The nazis were not stupid. So yeah. Rudolf and others claim that if the chambers had truly been used for gassing people, there’d be no blue on the inside of the gas chambers.

Oh. What’s in this picture?

Red and yellow and pink and…

Rudolf was fired from the Max Planck Institute when they learned what he was up to. His report also proved nothing. So that’s two junk science reports from two dumb grifters.

This One’s Just For Me.

I’ve already admitted to my layman level of scientific knowledge. But let’s see who knows even less than me!

The Leuchter results were almost too good to be true, with a three orders of magnitude difference between the cyanide levels in the delousing chamber walls (about one part per thousand) and those in the washing chambers (aka “gas chambers”), around one part per million. They are not published in any peer-reviewed chemistry journal, for obvious reasons.

Holocaust Denier

You’re telling on yourself, bro.

Yes. They are not published in any peer-reviewed chemistry journal, for obvious reasons. I’ve managed to debunk these reports with an afternoon’s googlin’ and I’m not smart.

Introducing: The Kindest Man to Ever Walk The Earth, Heinrich Himmler.

The head of the SS camp administration office sent a directive dated Dec. 28, 1942, to Auschwitz and the other concentration camps. It sharply criticised the high death rate of inmates due to disease, and ordered that “camp physicians must use all means at their disposal to significantly reduce the death rate in the various camps.”

Furthermore, it ordered: “The camp doctors must supervise more often than in the past the nutrition of the prisoners and, in cooperation with the administration, submit improvement recommendations to the camp commandants … The camp doctors are to see to it that the working conditions at the various labor places are improved as much as possible.”

The directive stressed that “the Reichsfuhrer SS [Heinrich Himmler] has ordered that the death rate absolutely must be reduced.”[23]A further letter to all concentration camp commanders dated 20th January, 1943, reaffirmed that “every means must be used to lower the death rate.” By September 1943 Auschwitz still had mortality peaking at 80/day, viewed as “catastrophic” by the SS administration.

Thus, from authentic documents concerning the need to reduce fatalities at the Auschwitz camp, the world has moved to a belief in genocide, with not a single authentic, supporting document[24].

The Auschwitz camp was set up as an industrial plant using the giant coalfields of Poland, and located at the confluence of rivers; it was essential to the war-effort – it would have made no sense to start exterminating its inmates.

Holocaust Denier

Right. So. The gas chambers weren’t actually very good at killing lice then? Why did they even bother? Where are the goddamn records?! And why are your non-cited documents authentic, yet everything presented by historians isn’t? And y’know, they’ve presented their evidence. If the author can claim detailed figures about the rate of daily deaths from typhoid/typhus/disease, and that Himmler was so enraged by it, that must have been recorded somewhere. Where?

Oh but, there are clear citations in the text you’ve copied from the essay, Lovely Alexander. Well let’s talk about them.

[23] Dissecting, p.289.
[24] Irving, **********, p.188 n.16, for absence of German “holocaust” documents.

Reference 23 is seemingly imaginary. That’s how it’s presented in the source list. I have no idea what it’s referring to. Fuck knows.

The second, ugh. I knew the flip-flopping fascist David Irving was gonna come up sooner or later. He argues that because the nazis tried at Nuremberg said they didn’t know about the ‘Final Solution’ (they did) and that there were no discussions about it (there were), it can’t have happened (it did). Famously upstanding, decent, honest nazi higher ups. “Always trust nazi commanders“, that’s what mother always told me.

This a very stupid thing to say. Why on Earth would you take their word over all the other bits of evidence pieced together over the years?

Oh, and page 188 of this particular book of his mentions absolutely nothing to do with nazi documents. It’s not even about the Trials. Nonsense. I was going to include the page here. But I have neither the time or will to fact check something that’s not directly related to this essay, because it would mean having to read yet another entire chapter of a book denying The Holocaust. And I’ve read enough of that shit over the past few days. Goddamn brain disease is taking me.

That final claim. Christ almighty. “It would have made no sense to start exterminating its inmates.” The nazis didn’t kill every single person they brought to the camps. They were slave camps too. Some people were selected for work. Most were immediately gassed.

I suggest looking through the Auschwitz Album for how the selection process worked. If you’re a nice regular person, please do it with someone nearby to give you a hug, there’s nothing graphic, and no corpses. But it’s sad. If you’re one of the scumbag deniers, whatever, I hope you look at it then fall down some stairs and the last thing you see are the scared faces of children murdered simply for their ethnicity.


At Nuremberg, invoices for the delivery of Zyklon-B were presented as evidence for human “gassings.” The normal, routine purpose and function of the Zyklon-B as an insecticide was more or less completely omitted: the manufacture of the ten-cubic metre “gaskammer” (gas chambers) by the firm DEGESCH, for which the Zyklon-B was designed in order to delouse clothes and bedding, as part of the great struggle against typhus, was overlooked.

Throughout the German labour-camps these chambers – installed in 1942 when the scourge of typhus arrived – consumed tons of Zyklon-B, and they can still today be visited, in the camps of Majdanek and Auschwitz, their walls a deep turquoise-blue due to saturation with iron-cyanide. These chambers are a lot smaller than the ones which tourists are taken round as alleged-human gas chambers.

Holocaust Denier

Oh. What’s this? But… I thought that the “science reports” from earlier said that the lack of blue on the inside of the chambers meant they weren’t used for murder by gas. So, which is it? Never mind, we already know. They contradict their biggest piece of evidence. The apparent “seminal” Leuchter Report. More like semenal, am I right? Jism.

Gerhard Friedrich Peters was director of Degussa (p.310-312),the parent company of Degesch, the company that produced Zyklon-B. He implicated himself at the trial of Degussa’s parent company IG Farben (hooray for conglomerates!), and was eventually sentenced to five years in prison for his role in The Holocaust. IG Farben you might remember were the company with factories near Auschwitz and staffed by slaves imprisoned in the camp.

One of the things deniers like to claim is that Zyklon-B was just used as a pesticide. This is half true. It was originally developed and used as one from the 1920’s. When the nazis decided gassing was the most effective way to commit mass murder they began using carbon monoxide in both chambers and the previously mentioned gas vans.

This took too long to kill people. Zyklon-B was suggested because it could kill a 70kg or 160lb human in roughly two minutes.

Due to its use as a pesticide and being toxic to humans, originally an additive was used to give it a distinctive smell so any humans encountering it would know to leave the area. Peters was responsible for organising the removal of this additive so that victims wouldn’t know they were being poisoned. He was also responsible for helping disguise records that would indicate the true purpose of the nazi’s use of Zyklon-B, and just how much they ordered from Degussa.

You can read more about Degussa’s role in The Holocaust in the book ‘From cooperation to complicity: Degussa in the Third Reich’. It’s in the sources below. Degussa still operates today.

Twisting Their Testimonies.

Shall we play a game? Now, pop your jack boots on and let’s pretend that for some reason you and I decided antisemitism and supporting nazis was super cool and we wanted to try and disprove The Holocaust. I don’t wanna put words in your mouth, but we wouldn’t start quoting historians who lived through it, thought it was terrible, and spent their entire lives studying and writing about it, because they didn’t want something like it to happen again. Right? Maybe that’s just me.

Tourists, thirty million of them, have filed through “Krema 1” at Auschwitz, with its piteous piles of shoes, etc of the dead. This was reconstructed after the war in 1946, a fact revealed 1992 by Dr. Franciszek Piper, the Senior Curator and Director of Archives of the Auschwitz State Museum.

The historic remains from the camp are such things as shower-unit huts, a swimming pool and a morgue. There was a camp orchestra, and quite a collection of pictures from the camp art-classes, although these cannot be shown in Germany or Poland, on account of laws prohibiting the doubting of the Holocaust.

Holocaust Denier

Yep. The deniers are that stupid. Probably not a surprise at this point.

The link to the source of artwork from the… from the… art classes… at a death camp!? doesn’t work. In their source list it doesn’t even look like a proper URL. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re referring to drawings made on pieces of HUMAN SKIN taken from prisoners at Buchenwald death camp. Also, absolutely not fun fact: At Buchenwald the nazi scum made lamp shades from human skin too.

I’m certain the orchestra being referred to here is again from the Theresienstadt ghetto, the place where the Red Cross were allowed to visit mentioned in part one. The nazis filmed some of the visit, and made a propaganda film to show how well the imprisoned Jews were being treated.

But back to the main point! If you look up the interview that’s being referred to in the above clipping, as I have, Dr Piper didn’t say that. It was conducted, and filmed, by a Jewish Holocaust denier. Yep they’re a thing too. The mind boggles. His name isn’t important. I’ve taken the transcript directly from the original write up.

Please bear in mind that English wasn’t Piper’s first language, so a couple of word choices may seem peculiar.

Piper: The first and the oldest gas chamber, which existed in Auschwitz I, this camp where we are now here, operated from autumn 1941 to December 1942, approximately one year. The crematorium near by this gas chamber worked longer, to the middle of 1943.

In July 1943, the crematorium was stopped and the bodies of the prisoners died at Auschwitz I at the time were transferred to Birkenau.

In 1944, in connection with the bombardment of Auschwitz by the Allied forces, empty crematorium number one and gas chamber at Auschwitz were adopted as air shelters.

At this time, additional walls were built inside the former gas chamber. An additional entrance was made from the east side of the gas chamber and openings in the ceiling, the gas Zyklon B was discharged inside, were at the time liquidated.

So after the liberation of the camp, the former gas chamber presented a view of air shelter. In order to gain an earlier view …earlier sight…of this object, the inside walls built in 1944 were removed and the openings in the ceiling were made anew.

So now this gas chamber is very similar to this one which existed in 1941-1942, but not all details were made so there is no gas-tight doors, for instance, additional entrance from the east side rested as it was made in 1944. Such changes were made after the war in order to gain earlier view of this object.

Scumbag Denier: Were the holes in the ceiling put in in the same place?

Piper: Yes, in the same place, because the traces were visible.

How this has been twisted into “the gas chamber was reconstructed”, I do not know. It can only be in bad faith, or stupidity. Both are plausible. But I lean towards the former with a sprinkling of the latter.

Piper dedicated his life to studying the evils of Auschwitz and The Holocaust. Why on Earth would he deny it didn’t happen to some random guy posing as a researcher, when he knew he was being filmed? This is also a fact that the tour guides at Auschwitz are required to know. It’s not super secret information. Idiot.

Hopefully you’ll remember from part one that Auschwitz was never intentionally bombed, but sites near it were. This suggests why the nazis might want air raid shelters in the camp and why Piper said “bombardment”.

Lastly, It’s absurd to think that the site wouldn’t be different when opened to the public than when it was being used to murder people by the thousands.

The Man Who Literally Wrote The Book on Antisemitism …And Denied The Holocaust?

Spoiler. He definitely didn’t.

At the Auschwitz trial held at Frankfurt in the mid-sixties, the court had to conclude that it lacked “almost all the means or evidence available in a normal murder trial” including “the bodies of the victim, autopsy reports, expert reports on the cause of death, evidence as to the criminals, murder weapons, etc.” Far from leading to doubt, this gave to the mythic gas chambers a metaphysical status, doubt of which was forbidden. ‘ No documents have survived, perhaps none ever existed,’ concluded the Holocaust historian Léon Poliakov.

Holocaust Denier

I’m keen to know how an autopsy would be carried out on the body of someone gassed to death, then cremated. Or why the nazis would keep records of individuals they murdered and then covered up said murder. But y’know. Maybe that’s just me. Always asking questions. What am I like?

Let’s talk a bit about who is being quoted at the end of this snippet. Léon Poliakov, a Russian Jew. During the Second World War his family lived in France. He and his father were part of the French Resistance. After the war, he became a historian. For many years after the war, it was believed impossible that the nazis could have murdered so many people. He was the man who first suggested it was possible, and that it had happened.

Such was Poliakov’s commitment to exposing The Holocaust and antisemitism, he spent forty years of his life writing a four-volume history of antisemitism. That his words have been used to deny the Holocaust, easily the worst crime against Jews, and perhaps humanity, is frankly sickening. Absolute fucking shame on you. The depths these people will sink to seems to know no bounds.

The Survivors Who Didn’t See Anything.

There’s a part of this abysmally researched essay that includes some of the testimonies of two women who were enslaved at and survived Auschwitz.

Neither claim to have seen millions of people being gassed, but one, Maria Van Herwaarden, noted that there was a terrible smell in the camp. There’s no reason to doubt her testimony, and of course “millions” weren’t gassed at Auschwitz. Just because she didn’t see anything, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The deniers say otherwise. Of course they do. My sister-in-law has been there too. She didn’t see anyone getting gassed. Had a world class hot chocolate, mind. Does that meet your standard of proof?

There are hundreds of accounts of other survivors, including Sonderkommando, who did witness gassings, or were nearly gassed themselves. You can watch hundreds of their testimonies at The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website.

Why do two women who never denied the existence of gas chambers, but didn’t see anything mean it didn’t happen? It’s because it suits their stupid narrative!

The Allies: “Let’s Play Pranks on nazis!”

Turns out, right, The Nuremberg Trials were just for funsies.

A modern inquiry needs to start from the data-fabrication at Nuremberg by the US/UK, using systematic assassination and torture of witnesses. The Nuremberg trials started in 1946 with the image of six million dead as firmly established.[38]

This did not emerge as a conclusion from the trials, but in its immensity it was presented to the tortured and/or beaten [39] Nazis as a fact, and would they confess their part in it? All the main defendants at Nuremberg insisted that prior to the trial they had not known of any mass murder of Jews: except that Rudolf Höss[sic], the former Commandant of Auschwitz, signed on March 15, 1946, a document averring that he had overseen the slaughter of two and a half million Jews, and this was read out on 15th April at Nurnberg. That day signified the birth of Auschwitz’s horror-myth. Two weeks earlier, Hoess had remarked:

“Certainly, I signed a statement that I killed two and half million Jews. I could just as well have said it was five million Jews. There are certain methods by which any confession can be obtained, whether it is true or not.”

Holocaust Denier

The nazi in charge of Auschwitz is aware of the effects of torture. Well, I for one am surprised.

The source for that six million deaths as being firmly yet falsely established claim is once again David Irving. A man who has over the years constantly changed his guess at a Holocaust death toll. A while back it was quarter of a million. In 2017 he claimed it was four million. What fun his life must be.

There is so, so, so much evidence to prove that the nazis at the Nuremberg Trials endorsed and participated in the mass murder of Jews and others. See, y’know, all of what I’ve written on this wretched topic.

Hoess and many others all confessed to the policy of extermination. Even if Hoss had been tortured, other nazi testimonies matched the details he gave. Many of the nazis who confessed weren’t executed, and repeatedly spoke of their crimes throughout the following decades once they were free. Torture can coerce a false confession. But it doesn’t last through decades. None ever recanted.

The source marked 39 is impossible to locate. The information in the quote I… I mean a Holocaust denier read is taken from a quote taken from a book which was taken from a newspaper. The book it references only includes the title, not the author. There are three books with the same title. One by a Chinese virologist born in 1942. One by an Irish poet. And the third is by a British fascist. Bingo. It’s out of print, thankfully. However, in the source list it says the quote was taken from an edition of ‘The Sunday Pictorial’ in 1949.

Well, I tracked down that issue. I couldn’t find the quote quoted in the source list, which has the word “German” in it a couple of times. The only mention of the word “German” in the issue is in a story about whether British boxers would be willing to fight German boxers despite the recent massive war. Most were keen to. Gotta give Jerry Bosh what for and all that! So I guess this is proof that some Brits were willing to professionally hit Germans after the war.

I think I might have caught another lie!

The Dumb Sources Go Round in Dumb Circles.

So as one last peek into the dumb, racist minds of these contemptible pricks. Let’s have a look at how their referencing works. Fear not, sweet reader, it’s more fun than it sounds. Mwah.

[44] According to The Jewish Chronicle, the World Jewish congress “had secured the holding of the Nuremberg trials at which it had provided expert advice and much valuable evidence” (16.12.49): *****, ******, p.54.

[45] For Zionists occupying top positions at the Nuremberg trials, Butz (ref 13) p.30.

[46] Ref. (31).

[47] Staeglich, p.52.

Now, as you’ve seen, a chunk of the essay is about the Nuremberg Trials and many of their lies are based on the sources on screen now. The arguments in the essay are just more of the same old shit we’ve already heard. But it’s worth looking at what these sources are. Because it gives a rather good indication of just how bad at everything ever the author is.

The source labelled 44, hmm, if I were a Holocaust denier, I might be of the opinion that The Jewish Chronicle is full of Jewish lies and not use it as a source. But no. Gosh, how progressive.

I cannot find any evidence of that book quoting The Jewish Chronicle ever existing. I then tried The Jewish Chronicle archive. Unfortunately for me it costs money to access, and I’m hilariously poor. I couldn’t get in. However, based on previous citations, I’d bet the cost of that access fee that that quote either doesn’t exist, or is stripped of context.

Next! Source 45:

[13] Butz p.233.

This is where 45 directs me. Who the hell is Butz?! Butz is referenced several times throughout the essay, and it’s not at all clear what it refers to. Just Butz. What did they write? Is it a man made of paper? Perhaps straw even. Nah, my guess is the P doesn’t stand for page, but piss. Butz is a piss man. 233 litres of piss maketh the man. I mean, it may as well be.

46 apparently confirms an account “from down under” detailing how the Allies forged a whole bunch of evidence blah blah blah, and you can see a snippet below. Anyway, it directs us back to reference 31. Do you remember the woman who didn’t see anything from earlier, Maria Van Herwaarden? Source 31 is her testimony.

“The reality, therefore, is that the bulk of the ‘evidence’ for the Holocaust derives from a corpus of documents that was expressly manufactured by the OSS and OCC in 1945-46 for the purpose of incriminating the leaders of the former German government at Nuremberg. The procedure went roughly along these lines: the Documentation Division in Paris created ‘copies’ (in English only), certified them as true, and sent them to the prosecution in Nuremberg, while the original documents (if they ever existed) were never seen or heard of again. German translations of the original English texts were then prepared and sent to the defense in Nuremberg, where they arrived as late as possible so that the defense had insufficient time to worry about such matters as their authenticity.”

Holocaust Denier’s Australian Friend or whatever

Now, I’ve read Maria’s testimony (it’s on a nazi site, DM me for link). And at no point does she give details about forgeries made by Allied intelligence services that were used to convict nazis at Nuremberg. Wanna guess why? Because she was a goddamn survivor of Auschwitz! In 1946 she was in a displaced persons camp. Jesus fucking Christ.

47 is probably the most bullshit one of all: “Staeglich, p52”. It takes us on a weird journey. It’s not clear what it’s referencing. But searching through the essay and its list of sources for ‘Staeglich’ first leads here:

[12] The minutes of the Wannsee Conference (Berlin, 20th January 1942) provide “unambiguous documentary evidence that no extermination program existed:” Butz, p.212;. For its text, see Staeglich (ref 12), Appendix I.

Butz is back. Still no idea. Next result for Staeglich is…

[15] 24 March 1933: www.*****.***, Daily Express headline, “Judea declares war on Germany;” then again, on 5th Sept 1939 (8th Sept, Jewish Chronicle) “The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany… holy war against Hitler’s people,” declared by Chain Weizmann, Zionist leader: ***** (ref 12) p.4; , *****, ***** p.17. Staeglich, p.57.

The blocked-out name at the bottom is the title of a book written by a fascist that I dismissed earlier on. It’s not by Staeglich. And finally…

[41] *****, ***** 1983, pp.237-8; *****, p.96; Staeglich (ref. 12), pp.193-216.

The blocked out bit there is another fascist book that isn’t by Staeglich. So who knows.


It’s a good demonstration of how insulated and circular these fascists are. Their references regularly lead nowhere. And if they do, they just lead back to more nazi shit saying the same thing.

Numerous times I’ve followed a link to a source. That link isn’t the actual source of what the author is failing to prove, just more fascists quoting something else. So. I click on the link to the source this second pile of shit provides. It takes me to a nazi site that’s the actual “source” they’re quoting.

It then doesn’t prove anything, because it’s nonsense, or has stripped something of context. And then I’ll notice a link back to the site the essay that started all of this is hosted on.

It all goes round in a circle. Like a swastika shaped windmill. These people are eating their own brains. I’d feel sorry for how fucking stupid they are, if what they claimed wasn’t so reprehensible.

Poor Wittle nazis. Why Evewyone So Mean To Dem?

I mentioned at the start that I didn’t debunk every tiny little speck of shit in this hell essay.

Now I’ve covered the bulk of it and what it claims as facts. It ends with a drivelling diatribe that goes on and on and on about how poor wittle Howocaust deniers are persecuted, and pubwishers dwopped dem, and dey got cawwed nazis, and some of dem were sent to pwison ‘cos some countries have waws against peddwing dis kinda hate. Oh my god. Fucking hell.

Near the end, this pops up.

The study of history cannot exist without dissenting views, and who would want to read a history journal that did not allow this? One fails to understand why “revisionism” should be reprehensible, and Jews especially should be relieved to discover that their ancestors were never subject to such a horror.

Holocaust Denier

That final sentence. Just… gross. Perhaps the worst thing in the whole essay. I don’t know what else to say about it.

Holocaust deniers like to call themselves “historical revisionists”. The mainstream typically uses this phrase as a pejorative, and that’s definitely fair enough when dealing with Holocaust deniers, ‘cos fuck ‘em.

But it’s essentially another term for ‘historian’. Like science, our understanding of history changes all the time. Often in tiny ways that give us new insight to something, or paint an event in a different light. Sometimes a new letter from a king to a lord pops up, or a ships’ manifest is discovered. All sorts. Of course, this must be done through research, and evidence must be shown for something to become the consensus. In theory it’s an entirely reasonable thing to be.

But of course, revisionism can be used for bad dumb shit too. It can paint something like the British Empire in a more positive light. Even though it was awful. But historians generally don’t deny that colonialism existed, and that massacres and famines occurred. The waters around the causes of these things can be muddied though. It was the foreigns! Not the good ol’ white boys!

I don’t doubt that the deniers have spent a lot of time guessing, lying, and writing. The essay I’m debunking is over five thousand words long. Writing books and articles takes a long time, and it’s hard. But when you base your claims on the lies, guesses, pseudoscience, and misrepresenting things said by people who completely disagree with you, it becomes historical negationism.

Revisionism isn’t reprehensible. Negationism is. Fuck you, you fucking fascist nazi fuck faced fucks.

But But Jews Control The World! Right?! But…

In my original tweet at the man who challenged me with the subject of this post, I called him an antisemite and I stand by that. Obvz. This whole wretched community is fuelled by antisemitism. But as I read more and more of this nonsense, and saw it being pushed by outright nazis. I concluded it’s straight up nazism. Even if proponents don’t hold fascist political views, by sanitising the crimes of the nazis, they’re supporting nazis. But lots of them definitely are nazis or fascists.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that many millions of other people were killed in nazi death camps for equally arbitrary reasons. That the deniers don’t even mention them, and only focus on the Jewish victims is further evidence of their rampant antisemitism.

In their attempts to paint the usual stereotypes of Jews controlling the world and using The Holocaust to garner sympathy, they ignore just how truly vile the nazis were and are. It was a regime based on an illusion of Aryan supremacy. They killed anyone they deemed inferior. Queer people, Roma, Poles, disabled people, the list goes on.

As with all conspiracy theories involving an event as big as The Holocaust, cover ups and false testimonies in this number would be hard to create, but impossible to maintain. Though it’s absolute fact that Bernie Sanders killed JFK.

It’s argued by some dickheads, that The Holocaust makes people go easy on and sympathise with Jewish people as a whole. So, it’s worth Jews maintaining the “big lie” for that end.

But what about Jews as individuals? How does it benefit them? If a Jew was mugged walking home one night, he can’t just shout “I’m Jewish, remember The Holocaust!” and be allowed to go free with his wallet. There’s no ‘Are you descended from a victim of The Holocaust?’ box to tick on job application forms. It doesn’t make any sense when you think about it for more than one entire second.

I for one am nice to Jews because, y’know, they’re people. And I’m nice to people, lovely even. It shouldn’t take a genocide to treat a group of people with basic respect.

“What about the super-rich Jews like the Rothschilds?” I hear the racists cry. What about them? Sure there are some disgustingly rich Jewish people. But you know what? There are looooooaaaaads more super rich not Jewish people.

What makes them shitty people is that they’re obscenely rich. Not that they’re Jewish. Fucksake. It’s so damn easy to figure this out.