Title: Solidarity, not sectarianism
Date: 1995
Source: Retrieved on January 6, 2015 from web.archive.org
Notes: Published in the Jan/Feb 1995 issue of the L&R Newspaper.

To the Compañeras/os in the North American Anti-Authoritarian Zapatista Solidarity Community:

This letter concerns misunderstandings that have come up around material aid sent to the EZLN by members of anti-authoritarian circles in the US and México with varied political backgrounds. A successful, broad campaign has been carried out. Unfortunat ely, due to general misunderstandings which have not been clarified, rumors have circulated regarding the fate of aid sent to the EZLN. It has been said that some of the aid sent to the EZLN was appropriated by members of Amor y Rabia (Love and Rage) in M éxico. It has also been rumored that the aid which the EZLN received was misrepresented as being entirely from Love and Rage.

These rumors are not true. Aid specifically earmarked for the EZLN did indeed reach them and the sources of the aid were identified accurately. There were mistakes made as well as misunderstandings in the process that led to the confusion. A big part o f the problem was a lack of trust amongst anti-authoritarians with different focuses and opinions. The group of people participating in this project represented different tendencies within the anti-authoritarian movement. This was part of its success init ially (many people were involved in the effort), but later may have been the cause of some of the division and suspicion.

It is unfortunate and ironic that the anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement, with few existing structures and inexperienced in this kind of work, conducted a fairly successful solidarity project but is now discrediting itself with rumors, suspicion and sectarianism.

One of the saddest things about what has happened is that many of us seem to have lost sight of what we are struggling for. We would like to see a renewed effort to support the EZLN’s struggle. We wrote this letter to clear up the rumors that are circu lating and reopen public forums of discussion so that we can continue the work we have already laid the groundwork for.

The Struggle Continues!

Love and Rage Mexican Solidarity Working Group/New York City
Nightcrawlers Anarchist Black Cross