Title: No More Charades!
Author: Lucia Norman
Topics: Mexico, the State
Date: 1916
Notes: Translated from the Spanish of the original article that appeared in Regeneración, Numero 228, 4 de Marzo de 1916

Yes; no more charades! Let’s shake off the hypnotic state we have been imprisoned in for so long under the present system!

Let us decide to assert our dignity, lending all our strength to action, to acquire our complete liberation.

The bourgeoisie, owner of the power of murder, of forced humiliation, of creating ignorance and corrupting consciences; with their courts, their prisons, their soldiers and all their faithful henchmen dogs, with their churches and their complete control of the means of production, is strong because of all this.

And when there are those who, obeying the duty of a dignified man, uproot these evils, they come to suffocate him, using their own victims, the slaves, to do so.

Because the President is so much a slave of the bourgeoisie that, in order to keep his position, he tramples even the “Fatherland”, to take care of the interests of the bourgeoisie in foreign countries. Even the unhappy stowaway, to get a bone by doing his job as a sad dog, chases his class brothers, faithfully obeying the orders of his master.

When the bourgeoisie is seeing that the efforts of fighters have already echoed in the hearts of the people, destroying superstitions, with the people now preferring death with glory in the liberatory struggle to the servility of serving the exploiters; can we then doubt the origin of the persecutions of those who incited all of this, the anarchists?

Will we now allow them to be wiped-out, without so much as an exclamation of sympathy? Shall we flee at the advance of the enemy, leaving these redeemers alone in their clutches, or shall we all form a united force?

The bourgeoisie is powerful because we ourselves, the disinherited, are its support. Get it off our shoulders and it will fall to the ground, broken into a thousand pieces.

Let’s be dignified, let’s not allow more outrages.