“How does the light begin from a star and pours into black eternity and walks immortal? The star dies, but its light never does, such is the cry for freedom.”

(N. Kazantzakis)

Now, now that the ground is fertile for the fruit of havoc to flourish. The intensification of revolutionary violence against the autocrat of our lives should be the first priority in the plans of the revolutionary forces. Its in our hands to attempt to take over the present conditions and waterproof the airtight valves which combined with laziness, the fear of repression and the arbitrary aphorism of violence repeats inactivity sinking in a swamp of mean interests. With as a spearhead revolutionary conscience, continuous war for the construction of our autonomous existential-value code and the destruction of sovereign social relations and the authority that invades every aspect of our everyday life.

The debt of the anarchist/revolutionary movement is enormous in the current condition since more and more people radicalize towards both ends. The anarchist/revolutionary movement should not in any case be limited to being socially agreeable and acceptable from all since it is now obvious that it will be met with indifference and resignation. The danger of this failure lies in the pollution of the movement from the parasite of inactivity which will also impoverish the movement in all its expressions.

We could say therefore that we are surrounded by invisible enemies but also possible comrades. The continuous development of the multiform revolutionary action should become the tool that will make the masks drop. When we are positioned behind the dividing lines there will be no more excuses, the ignition of social polarization as a fundamental objective inside the revolutionary strategies is necessary.

Let it be placed therefore as an objective the radicalization of the anarchist/revolutionary movement towards the strategy of urban guerrilla. An anarchist should be organized and act away from the eyes and ears of cops in the clear darkness of conspiracy. In order to clarify that this prompt is not out of arbitrarity and fetishism but taking into consideration the promotion of multiform revolutionary action and the strategies of struggle.

As fans therefore of the multiform revolutionary action we consider the field of the street and more specifically that of demonstrations a field on which we can work, evolve and spread our perception. Demonstrations initially constitute points of counter-information, distributions of texts, flyers, spraypainting of slogans and stencils, interrupt the orderly operation of the city and propagate the messages of war. At the same time demonstrations function as a field of spreading revolutionary violence. A violence that in first degree at least does not clash militarily with the mechanisms of repression neither transports the conflict to the utopian sphere of the “final battle”. The violence that is applied with stones and molotov from the minorities that factually dispute the authority create the experience of conflict in a new world, an experience which under conditions can be transubstantiated afterwards into revolutionary conscience. The violence that is practised aims at becoming adopted by as many people as possible. Far from fetishisms such as ‘whoever smashes stuff is one of us’, the experience of conflict in the street as a first stage of awareness of the participant is important. Reversing the cliché ‘demonstrations are for the cops to win’ we believe that in the demonstrations what wins is the experience and vagabondage.

We stress therefore that we will not attack somewhere and sometimes when the skies rain conscience and the world floods of revolution. We will choose action now and we will force it to a continuous aggressive and simultaneously evolutionary move in time. We prefer a possible abomination of society from becoming a piece of the misery and postponement. As revolutionaries we owe via the step that is offered by well aimed revolutionary action to spread our revolutionary conscience and the practices that “accompany” it, to all those who have their eyes and ears open in order for them to see and hear, far from material epicurisms, psychological dead ends, tv-narcosis and submission.

Agreeing with the proposal of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire of the 1st period we decided to factually promote and support its continuation. More dangerous, unpredictable and chaotic than ever. Guerrilla methodologies, infrastructures and battle tactics are already in the “laboratory” of revolutionary development.

And now a clear personal message to the bastards that are on the list of the “immediately interested”: You will not get rid of the Conspiracy this easy you motherfuckers, not today, and not as long as there are decisive revolutionaries ready to crush your bones.

With great joy we greet the network of soldiers from the Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror who decided to include their precious services in the organization with the vandalism of a bank and the arson of municipal-cop cars and the mayors car. We respond warmly and we reply, lets go again this time STRONGER. The 2nd generation of the Conspiracy is here and we are present. Napoleon said that the worse thing that a nation can suffer is the transformation of its land into a theatre of war. Precisely this raging civil revolutionary war in the interior of the country is what we must intensify to the limits. Intensification with every one of our weapons and not with prayers, we face the enemy. From the stone to the pistol and from posters to the expropriations of food from the shelves of supermarkets. The machine of extermination of political opponents of the state is in full force. We should do whatever we can in order to become the sand in its cogwheels. We should be a permanent cost to the captivities of revolutionaries with continuous strikes on social peace and the public life of the country. Every day that passes, contradictions collide, combine, mature, speak. Our desires for a life that will chase everything free against the ugliness of dominating relations that underestimate everyone of our creative aspects, against materialistic lust, a result of the feigned consuming dreams that are projected by the “advertisers” of capitalism but also the need of the morbid majority to gag its sentimental voids.

Negativism is drowned in the passivity of the universe, it looks for ways out, expressions, aims to bloom, get educated, attack. Its composition-collectivization in the fragmentary events reactions of the total of its life gives strength, free moments, self-realization but does not suffice. These representations are defused before you even begin to express yourself. They finish before you even begin to live them.

Popular moodswing, without making any particular deepening in the feelings that are being born by its long-lasting oppression, gives its position of partially factual, spasmodic “indignation” to the sun of the beaches. Revolutionary prospect requires continuity, duration and the logics of postponement for the “next season” do not concern our case. Faithful therefore to the revolutionary “call outs” but also to ourselves, we do the obvious: the continuation of revolutionary war. We take therefore the responsibility for the arson of 12 vehicles of O.T.E. (greek telecommunications organization) that were in the outdoor parking lot in Maroussi on the cross of Hatziantoniou and Dionyssis street.

International Revolutionary Front — Conspiracy of Cores of Fire — Luciano Tortuga Cell

P.S. And if one word is the one that should be heard to the corners of this of rotten world, is non other than this, REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION, and if a fist should break the face of social rot, and if a knife should plunge deep in its gut. The time is now. Nothing is gained without struggle. Hard, merciless and subversive fight. (The absolute destruction that we left behind us indicative our intentions and cordially dedicated to the wolf Theofilos Mavropoulos.)

P.S. 2 A deep greeting to the comrades of the Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front. Only with war our lives lives and desires walk together. Hold Strong Luciano!