Title: Slither of the International Police State
Subtitle: Expanding Snake Violence in the Death Throes of Necrocapitalism
Author: Luiz Miguel
Date: Nov 23, 2023
Source: Circulated as a zine on Syilx Okanagan territory, Southern Interior of “British Columbia”
Notes: Pairs well with: Control, by Krav Boca

An Unceasing Slither

From Ukraine to Israel to British Columbia to Georgia, there exists a coordinated effort among capitalist-imperialist states to control populations through police repression. It is a slither of Global North politico-corporate elites that winds its way around the globe, and gradually intensifies its constriction on our communities in order to immobilize us. It attempts to suffocate those elements that most meaningfully constitute our humanity: autonomy, self-sufficiency, egalitarianism, mutual aid, community care, and direct action. Our human characteristics are at odds with the interests that these elites – acting through the state apparatuses they control – attempt to secure, and so they must either be subverted or destroyed entirely. Among other despicable things, white-supremacy, mass economic exploitation, the “free” market, guaranteed cheap labour, and militarized borders are their agenda. These policies are irreconcilable with healthy, autonomous communities everywhere. Hence state-sanctioned assaults on people groups in every corner of the globe, and the unceasing slither of the international police state that will only ever end once it secures a strangle-hold on us.

Our task is clear – we must crush the snake’s head ourselves before that ever happens. Fred said it best: “School is not important, and work is not important. Nothing is more important than stopping fascism, because fascism will stop us all.”

Israel and Ukraine: Illustrative Similarities

Back in April of last year, Ukrainian President Zelensky said that he wants Ukraine to become a “big Israel” . What did he mean when he said this? Zelensky understands the function that Israel fundamentally fulfills, and it is not what is presented to us by the Western corporate media. He knows that Israel is a police state par excellence, created and sustained by Western imperialism. It possesses the most advanced law-enforcement agencies and military in West Asia, is a world-leader in development and implementation of surveillance technologies, and is based on a fascist Zionist philosophy (aka Israeli settler-colonial imperialism, pushing for a racially pure ethno-state through genocide and the devouring all Palestinian territories). It receives $4 billion from the United Snakes annually – not to mention other international donors – and could not survive as such without this (US House just passed a $14 billion aid package for Israel – Nov 3rd).

This article won’t explain why Western snakes, and the United Snakes in particular, are inclined to provide so much funding to Israel with no strings attached – folks unclear on those reasons have some geopolitical homework to do. It hopes to make explicit, though, that they are the exact same reasons that these snakes support Ukraine in its war efforts against Russia. Indeed they are the same reasons the US has backed violent dictatorships all over the world over the last 100 years or more. By joining the interests of smaller snakes to their own – usually by force, in the form of orchestrating coups and supporting military dictatorships – the US bolsters its international domination. It creates outright proxies for itself, the world over, and if it can’t completely infect and take over a foreign nation’s government, then it will at least set up a military base within its borders, or very near by.

In its function, Israel is a US military base that falsely presents as an autonomous entity with its own will and governance. It secures the interests of the US and other Western imperialist nations in West Asia and keeps surrounding un-aligned nations in-check. Indeed, “[w]ere there not an Israel, the United States would have to invent an Israel,” as once famously said. Ukraine hopes to become nothing less. By moving to assume Ukraine into NATO, the slither of the United Snakes had reached the borders of a sworn enemy, which has sparked the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Zelensky welcomed this move with open arms. The US and NATO allies – as the forefront of the international capitalist-imperialist police state – knew very well that they were toeing a dangerous line, and they chose to proceed regardless (the US is, no doubt, willing to fight down to the last Ukrainian). Apparently it’s worth risking global security, thousands of lives, billions of dollars, and the potential nuclear annihilation of the planet to bolster capitalist-imperialist control of the planet through expanding the network of international police states. A system that requires so much outright violence to maintain itself must be pretty popular with the people…

International Coordination

This slither is by no means a blind wander. There exists a network of international coordination between nations who use the police state to violently secure their capitalist-imperialist interests. The internationally choreographed military suppression of the Wet’suwet’en Nation is an illuminating current example.

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Co (KKR) owns 65% of the Coastal Gas Link (CGL) pipeline project that has forced itself through Wet’suwet’en territory over the last 5+ years. One of their major Partners, David Petraeus, is a former director of the CIA, former commander of US Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has authored a field manual on military counter-insurgency. The spontaneous resistance of the Nation has necessitated a level of inhuman police repression that is only recently being brought to light for the wider public. Wet’suwet’en matriarch Sleydo outlined this very clearly in her talk at the University of Victoria last September, Building Resistance in the Face of Colonial Counter-Insurgency, that these forces have actively trained in and employed the tactics laid out in Petraeus’ counterinsurgency manual. The government-funded private militia made up of current and former RCMP officers is known widely as C-IRG: the Community-Industry Response Group. “[C]reated in 2017 to provide strategic oversight addressing energy industry incidents and related public order, national security and crime issues,” it is funded 70:30 by provincial/federal tax dollars, respectively, and is composed of “RCMP officers… that facilitate expedient mobilization regardless of the provincial location or industrial context in which they are responding.” This unit – brandishing snipers and semi-automatic weapons, funded by capitalist governments, trained by international imperialist-military specialists, and composed of the most aggressive and violent pigs in the province – ensures that Indigenous communities, allies, and accomplices across the problemce of B.C. do not get in the way of big industry’s ecocidal, profit-driven resource extraction to supply the global “free market”. The merging of corporate and state powers literally defines the word “fascism.” Our province’s very own government-funded police militia that, in the name of big industry, crushes popular movements on the yintah, at Fairy Creek, and on Secwepemc territory makes very clear what sort of arrangement we’re living under.

Why Stop Cop City Is an International Movement

The push to build Cop City outside of Atlanta, GA – a $90 million training facility for the international training of police – is another related and highly relevant example that illustrates the slither of the international police state worldwide. Though overwhelming public pressure has so far halted the destruction of the Welaunee Forest and the construction of the facility (a public petition was signed in protest by more local folks in Atlanta than voted for mayor of the city), the vision of what Cop City would become is very clear: an international hub for fascist police states to train more thoroughly in repression and violence, as well as an expanded network from which to share information and resources. In other words, to foster what has been called the Deadly Exchange. Folks all over the world have raised their voices against Cop City because they recognize its global implications. Fascist states work together insofar as their interests are aligned, and the strengthening of one on one side of the globe bolsters the strength of all others. Shutting down the construction of Cop City would not just keep the citizens of Georgia more safe and free, but folks all over the world.

The GILEE program (Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange) runs out of Georgia State University, and is backed by the same group that is pushing for the construction of Cop City. It receives private funding from mega-corporations like Cox, Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A, and exchanges officers between the United Snakes and Israel for cross-training in deadly repression:

“You have private capital essentially invested in supporting this program. Politicians at every level in Georgia support this program, to the point where hundreds of police trainees are sent from Georgia and across the U.S. to train with Israeli occupation forces in Palestine. They’re learning these advanced tactics that the Israeli Occupation Force uses because they’re known for being innovative and repressive.”

Again, corporate and state powers move in-step with one another due to their identical interests, and always seek to increase their repressive capabilities through developing their police forces. In this case, building a training facility to put yet more skills and weapons into the hands of the oppressors who patrol our neighbourhoods on a daily basis – fascist bootlickers employed by the capitalist class to use violent force against the workingclass poor, the unhoused, visible minorities, and revolutionaries at all times.

Tying It All Together

At the risk of painting with too wide a brush, let’s tie this all together. Western capitalist-imperialist snakes of the Global North – most clearly manifested as the US and other NATO allies – have colluded to secure the hegemony of the capitalist mode of production against the interests of Indigenous communities, socialists of all stripes (libertarian and otherwise), and people of common sense everywhere. They have primarily done this through expanding their military forces, orchestrating coups of foreign governments, sustaining military dictatorships, and enacting unimaginable quantities of violence at home and abroad. They have instituted a global police state that unceasingly surveils and immediately suppresses any movement which meaningfully challenges it, or which stands in the way of its interests. Though its appearance alters in different contexts, it is the same phenomenon that slithers all over the globe: the Israeli occupation in West Asia secures the economic interests of the Global North, maintains military control over the surrounding region, and commits genocide against the Palestinian peoples for their resistance; Ukraine acts as a US-backed puppet regime that has been strategically used as a pawn in NATO’s creep closer to the borders of the Russian Bear, indifferently destroying and displacing its civilian population; C-IRG (and RCMP and hordes of industry workers) occupies the yintah of the Wet’suwet’en Nation in order to guarantee the developments of industry and investments of international financial firms by employing constant surveillance and violent repression against the Nation’s rightful exercise of autonomy and resistance; and the police snake of Georgia ignores its people’s overwhelming popular resistance to the destruction of the Welaunee forest and the construction of Cop City that will train pigs worldwide to hone their murderous skills.


This article is only meant to illuminate the connections between seemingly unrelated global events – from Israel to Ukraine to B.C. to Georgia. Understanding each of these as deeply interrelated is critical. There is one force behind each of these, and which is behind countless other current and historical examples not addressed here: the slither of a worldwide police state that protects the abominable inequities produced and maintained by the exploitation of capitalist-imperialist snakes of the Global North – a worldwide police state that is becoming ever-more violent and repressive as contradictions deepen, as the frequency of global crises increase, and as the very neoliberal economic order that it serves becomes more fragile in its late-stage necrocapitalist death throes.

We must find every means possible to resist. We must continually be innovating new ways to outwit and overcome it. This is the goal. Perhaps more on tactics and strategies later.

School is not important, and work is not important. Nothing is more important than stopping fascism, because fascism will stop us all.


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