Title: How tenacious as always...
Subtitle: Our response to the 20th Presidential election
Author: Malangchism
Date: March 10, 2022
Source: Retrieved on July 9, 2022 from https://libcom.org/article/how-tenacious-always
Notes: Originally posted on the Malangchism blog. Translated by Min

We lost. You all know what we mean here. The only remains are our schooled selves after Z-targeting for the parliamentary system. Of course we got schooled after one of the two as our ruler, strictly between a rock and a hard place.

There were certainly a lot of talks about how this election was unprecedentedly unlikable. Malangchism(‘Our Mutual Aid’)’s election rejection project too received much attention both in online and out offline under such political context. Of course, not all of such responses were favorable to us. As we strolled around attaching presidential election rejection project fliers, I saw someone calling the police next to us and reporting that we had put it on illegally, and as for online spaces, we somehow became simultaneous spies of both the Democratic Party and People Power Party, even aside from multiple accusations of election law violations that we do not bother to keep track on. However, the pitiful and most laughable bit among them all was the narrative that “Why shouldn’t we vote at all when you can just vote with your own independent opinions”. So about how it all ended with us doing just that...

To be clear, this is not about blaming or mocking everyone for this outcome. However, this time, we are talking about how the result of public’s distrust in the fact that we can plan, maintain, and develop our own lives on our own came to be. As a result of our very distrust of ourselves on this role, the system of representative democracy was granted another parole for its existence, extending its life yet again. Then we should talk about why this happened. But the reason is clear as day. The belief that the parliamentary system can determine my life, since I do not want to choose the ‘worst evil’ I can think of no matter what, that is, someone I didn't choose, whom someone else calls a ‘lesser evil’, and have it dictate on my life, thus choosing to vote for the ‘lesser evil’ that I could at least allow to rule over me. Thanks to the act of letting oneself be ruled by a lesser evil, and the bizarre promise to oneself to put the lesser evil that I have chosen on charge next time. At the end of the day, the unwillingness to break free from this game of chicken led us to this result.

No, perhaps it is better to be more clear here. This happened because even those willing to break free from this game of chicken had not believed that other alternatives were possible. But unfortunately, other worlds, other systems are actually possible. Barely over a century has passed since the system of absolute monarchy has been abolished on this planet How many people seriously believe that such system is possible now? If you told people 100 years ago that you could choose a king yourselves and have it on charge of things, how many people wouldn't have told you that you are truly off your rocker? A different system, a different world is within our reach, and we could reach it extremely quickly at that. As we have mentioned before, we have no intention of blaming or even mocking those who do not believe in this. It is simply an appeal on our behalf to dream and create a different world together. Trapped within the illusion that we choose the lesser evil, as we hold a festival every five or four years, the blood and tears of those who are dying because of this system itself are constantly piling up. As a result of not being able to put an end to this system, they are unfairly kicked out before being able to determine the value of their labor with their own hands. As we fail to end this system, we end up hesitating to help the victims of domestic violence next door under the law who is being beaten to death right now. As we fail to end this system, as the people with disabilities ask the rulers to enact a law so that they can also use public transportation without hindrance, they become subjected to complaints about why they were blocking the way to work. As a result, we end up having a party on our very own accumulating tears and blood.

A well known anarchist, Emma Goldman left this famous quote : "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution" There must be a revolution. All anarchists talk about social revolution. However, this does not necessarily entail use of force and violence. In fact, there is no need to resort to such means, should we all collectively say that we want no part in the current system, and close the curtains. No one will be hurt and everyone can laugh happily in the end. Again, there must be a revolution. Not just a political revolution that merely replaces the boss we serve under, but a social revolution in which everyone serves everyone but no one serves each other. When the time comes, let us host a true party of our own, not a one where some cannot dance, a party where there is always someone who cannot dance at all at any given moment, but a party where everyone can truly be free and equal, so that we can dance together.

Despite the results of this election, 'Our Mutual Aid' Malangchism are never disappointed or frustrated. Because 12.9% of Korean voters who rejected this election, or to be more precise, 10,129,839 people, are with us. How truly big a number this is! As Malangchism failed to convince more people along with these people the reason for rejection of the presidential election, the reason for rejection of the representative system, the possibility of direct democracy, and the abolition of all oppression and authority, the responsibility would be heavy and throughout, but nonetheless, we will not stay pessimistic. Our social revolution has only just begun. One thing is certain, that the day we will all be together in the journey is soon, and this will enable us to truly advance.

2022. 03. 10

'Our Mutual Aid' Malangchism