Title: In regard to MOVE ALERT!!: Further Clarification
Topic: MOVE
Date: 8 February 2000
Source: http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/45a/294.html

On a MOVE!

What this government is attempting to do, is to use a MOVE child in the same way in which they used bogus warrants in 1985 & bogus housing code violations in 1978, as an excuse , or a justification to come at MOVE in order to try to incite a confrontation with MOVE & take down the whole Organization.

In short, this traitor, John Gilbride--who abandoned his son, walked out of his life without so much as a look back, despite all that was done for him by MOVE, and his wife--is a weak person, and was susceptible to government intimidation in order to use him as a pawn, a puppett, & get him to launch an attack on MOVE. John Gibride has threatened repeatedly to spill MOVE's blood, the blood of all MOVE people, women, babies, & men.

What we want people to do, is to let the city, and other key individuals & bodies know that the people, the public are aware of this tactic & will not sit idly by and watch another May 13, 1985 or another August 8, 1978.

This latest attempt at provocation comes at a pivotal point in both the stuggles for Mumia & the MOVE 9. This government knows that it is MOVE who is the driving force in both arenas, and this government will stop at nothing to kill Mumia, kill & jail MOVE people, & kill or take away MOVE babies & children. We have seen this before, we MUST NOT let this happen again.

On the MOVE!!