Title: Philosophy behind insurectionist tactics of Black Bloc
Author: Mazeen Kamalmaz
Date: 28 February 2013
Source: Retrieved on 6th March 2021 from tahriricn.wordpress.com
  1. These lines are a try to intensify the experience of the recent “black bloc”. It’s not an attempt to theorize it, nor does to impose my ideological or political stand which — if I was — then it will contradict the core idea of black bloc itself which is anti-force anti oppression and anti-subjection. Black Bloc as an idea – before it became a tactic and a clash with the forces of oppression – does not belong to any one, it actually belongs to all its members by equal, and also it belongs to the oppressed and forgotten humans everywhere. Black Bloc base are set based on the highest diversity possible, without any hierarchy or a forced organization intellectually, it is a culture founded on the principle of resistance.

  2. The most important point we can get from Black Bloc tactics is the priority of human freedom essence of human existence itself. This is directly generated from an absolute right that is not negotiable in the form of living freely with the right to revolt.
    The right to revolt is the necessary complement of the right to have freedom, as without the right to revolt freedom becomes a meaningless word

  3. With what was explained above, freedom is not something granted from the top neither from an authority or an elite. Freedom is the most precious thing at all; too big to be a treasure or wealth, actually freedom is the real entrance to distribute wealth among humans . In other words: freedom taken and not given, so you are only free when you’re ready to defend your freedom

  4. When people are together they are stronger and this can’t be compared to the strength of each of them individually… The power gained by people when they are together in the street is so powerful that it has proved on many occasions to be stronger than the suppression power even armed and well-trained forces, or even sometimes armies. Crowds in the street gives participated humans a tremendous power, a much larger, for example, of the “power “of the ballot boxes, But crowds as far as they may be an effective resistance and impressive one, they also can a be a subdue mechanism domestication and a subject of influence to a direct individual or a few individuals, they will become an authority ritual (a close example is crowds of Stalinism – Hitlerism that are turned into Herds, their individualities and brains get crushed as the center of the crowd will be only the leader). The spontaneous crowds unlike collective prefabricated crowds that were designed from a political or a religious background are actually as far as possible on the above status, though may have its own internal mechanism. supposedly the goal of “black bloc” tactics should aim to create and develop a culture of autonomy within all participants in the mass crowd, it should also dedicate the culture of free collective decision-making but not to involve in any mechanism for a submission to any authority or to train people to submit.

  5. Maybe today the “Black Bloc” groups in Egypt are involved in a direct clashes with a system that is temporally controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, but Black Bloc as a culture of resistance should not be a part of the political rivalry within the ruling class. The culture of resistance carried by Black Bloc always imposes to make it against mainstream class and all it categories. The resistance of Black Bloc does not aim to bring somebody in place of someone else to sit in the palaces that were surrounded and attacked by Black Bloc. presumably the culture of resistance aim to abolish the division between human masters and followers, as announced the formation of Black Bloc in the southern regions of Syria, this means that the resistance of Black Bloc expresses resistance to the current dictatorial regime and the regime that will be replaced (which will often authoritarian, although the form of dominance would be certainly different in some way the current system) and what will come after that. Until it comes a time for Syrians, and presumably the rest of the humans, too, to live freely.