Title: Letter to Nikolay Ivanovich Zhukovsky
Author: Mikhail Bakunin
Date: May 5, 1870
Source: Retrieved on 25th April 2021 from www.libertarian-labyrinth.org

May 5, 1870. Locarno.

Casa Pedrazzini.

Dear Zhuk,

The day after my arrival, I responded briefly to you few words. Now I want to discuss with you. You probably already know that I have punctually fulfilled, towards Guillaume and Fritz Robert, what we have decided among us; and I see, in the latest issues of Solidarité, which I have found here in the home of a friend, that Guillaume has held strictly to the direction fixed. The last two issues are excellent. I wish very much to know the impression that Solidarité has produced in Geneva. In a general fashion, I await the detailed letter that you have promised, a response to all the questions that I have posed in my last. Please tell me in detail everything that has happened or happens in the Alliance and in the International as well. What do the building workers thing and do? Are there not new internal wars in the enemy camp? Have they brought us to justice, in what form and under what pretext? Has Becker presented himself again to the Alliance? Or has he completely abandoned it? in what terms has Rémy explained the proposition that he has repeated? Have there been danger? How has it been avoided? What effects have been felt in the Alliance from the accusations born by Duval against Perron? Has the latter ceased to make faces? What does he think and what does he do? Has Schindler been seen and has he not let himself be corrupted by Duval? What has become of Lagrange? What has become of the trinity: Lindegger, Pinier and Miche? What has become of Guilmeaux? Finally, what has become of Brosset? And you, what are you doing? How are you? Do you have lessons? Are you at Ogarev’s house? In a word, everything that in your opinion and according to your conscience you have to tell me. Have you read my brochure on the bears? Does it sell? Has it made some impression? And on whom? Finally, has my letter to Liebknecht in the Marseillaise been published?

Speak to me of everything, if you please, in detail. I will be with you May 15, impossible before. I do not know, has Perron found me a lodging, or is he so angry with me that he no longer wants to concern himself with it? I await his response to my three letters.

I have received a letter from Sentiñon. These are really brave. We must take an interest in the Madrid revue Solidaridad (at the Redacción of la Solidaridad, Madrid, Tabernillas, 21) as well as at El Obrero (at the Redaccion of El Obrero, Spagna, Baleares, Palma, Calle de la Longete, num. 39).

Have you written, as you promised, a personal and detailed relation of the crisis that has erupted (by explaining the facts, acts and motives of all those concerned) for all those concerned? If you have still not written it, write. It is necessary.

The first issue of the new Narodnoe delo is a simple shell without anything inside, like all the previous ones. They have put in some articles, but they have nothing to put inside, except for Utin himself, the great and mundane instigator of all these maneuvers in soap bubbles.

I remained ten days at Molan where I have seen Gambuzzi who, at Naples, is actively and skillfully occupied with renovating the business of the International, seriously jeopardized by the arrests and trials. Together, we have put in place the first stones of the International in Lombardy; more detail about this in person.

But what to say of the arrests in Paris; I am sure that Varlin, Robin, Richard and many others are arrested. Write me, please, what you know about this subject.

And what is the news from London? In whose favor do they lean? And why and how?

Your M.B.

My address: Canton du Tessin, Locarno, Signora Pedrazzini, for Madame Antoinette.