Title: Plan for a revolutionary association
Author: Mikhail Bakunin
Date: 1866
Source: Retrieved on 24th April 2021 from www.libertarian-labyrinth.org
Notes: Working Translation by Shawn P. Wilbur
  1. Those only can be international brothers who accept in their entirety and in their spirit these principles their bases for revolutionary politics.

  2. An international brother must put the interests of the general revolution of Europe above the exclusive and narrow interests of his own country; he must at least understand that even by sacrificing to the general revolution the fleeting interests of his country, he assures that much better its permanent emancipation.

  3. The international brothers must not be brothers in name, but in fact. Their individual position, which puts them in a state of war and revolt against the social institutions known as the most sacred, which consequently exposes them to the public condemnation of all the privileged society of Europe and often even to the ignorance of the masses for which they work and fight, their particular position, we say, render indispensable to them solidarity and mutual support.

  4. It is a sacred duty of each brother, as well as for the entire association, to defend and protect each brother who finds themselves in danger or in difficult circumstances, up to the extinction of possibility, except in cases where he has shown himself unworthy.

  5. We impose no duties, but we should accept that those who have a real and sincere passion for the revolution and justice; for, whoever has that passion makes great sacrifices spontaneously, without there being need of imposing them.

  6. The international brothers, who will necessarily never be in too great a number, will form, either directly, or by representation, the European revolutionary committee. A subsequent regulation that should be made by a general gathering will determine the conditions and mode of action.

  7. The international brothers of each country will form among them the national organization in conformity to the conditions of the country, all while striving, as much as possible, to bring it closer to the international organization; each national organization should have the approbation of the general council of the international brothers.