Title: On Rumors Gossip, Lies, and Snitch-Jacketing of Native Warriorz
Date: 2007
Source: Retrieved on November 25, 2009 from news.infoshop.org

“There are a lot of people in Indian Country claiming to know this or that about someone else. Ask for proof, if you’re going to consider their words. All the rumor mongers have scenarios they’ve come up with too, in essence set a trap for anyone willing to listen.”

— Leonard Peltier

Warriorz continue to be targeted and attacked Internet Gangsters, and Two Faced Drunk Envious wannabe warriorz a combination that the enemy loves to see at work, because of the disruption and confusion it creates within a Movement and its support network. Our code of conduct is and always will be:

No Hear Say. Do not believe anything said about another person if the other person is not there to defend themselves. Only take face-to-face communication and direct contact with those involved as real and true. All Rumors and Gossip should be seen as fake or questionable and should not be acted upon before face-to-face communication is established. The Last Generation acted too much on emotion and false egotistical pride, and it got many killed and locked up, and led to the dismantling of the resistance & organization of their day. We will not repeat this.

This is something that NYM Warriorz know, but the rest of the world of supporters may not. Everybody attempting to take on the Enemy of the Earth and all Life should Live and abide by this simple rule. If people do not adhere to this, then we cannot work together in any form or fashion. When somebody tells you a rumor or is trying to spread a rumor about someone else, Do Not Say “For Real”, and then go tell everyone you know, in a Resistance Movement you say “Who said that? How do you know? Prove it,!” and finally “Don’t talk about them when they’re not here”.

Don’t accept everything you hear or read as fact, always check the source before you act. Personal communication between True members can severely limit and in many cases eliminate the enemies Smear Operation. Do not spread harmful rumors about others, avoid all gossip about others, especially over telecommunications, computers, and all technology. Face-to Face contact is the only way. Unless there is strong evidence, public accusations, and denouncements can cause more damage than good. In most cases they end up to be either overly Paranoid, Personal attacks/rivalry, or just plain Pigz & Haters, with no hard evidence.

Snitch-Jacket or bad-jacket — When a genuine movement member is portrayed as being an Informant (thief, rapist, etc.) Often other informants are used to spread rumors, plant evidence etc. Police themselves will often gossip or leave evidence indicating a person is an informant.

The purpose of snitch/bad-jacketing is to neutralize the targeted individual as an effective organizer. This causes mistrust with potential Alliances and Supporters.

What the Original Guerillas (OGz) Say

“...My father once told me that our greatest weakness have always been booze, flattery and jealousy. If you look closely, you will find one or more of these at the foundation of the finger pointing. Growing up, I always heard my people say, ‘Ignore people’s misstatements about you and live your life so that all can see your true character.”

“With today’s technology of media, it has been found through surveys, that a statement, whether it is true or not, is taken for truth if not countered within a 24 hour period. As the old saying goes, ‘A lie will travel the world, while the truth is just putting its boots on. I have been in prison 27 years (31 now) because of lies about myself, my people and my culture so I am sensitive to those who would make quick judgments without knowing the facts of a case. Notice I say ‘Knowing’, not ‘believing’.”

— Leonard Peltier Statement following arrest of John Graham 2003

Actions speak louder than words

“I encourage all who come in contact with this finger pointing behavior to also look at the person pointing the finger.”

— Leonard Peltier

NYM has many Warrior Societies and Indian People that are part of it, in many regions, there are also supporters to the Struggle on the Land, and behind that is the ‘hang-arounds’, those who jump on the bandwagon when it is popular. The hang around element is usually the ones with no Principles (either because of lack experience/education, or lack of heart and purpose). The hang-arounds must begin to follow basic principles and not be hang-arounds anymore. Everyone can do something for the Movement, or go and hang around the Pigz or in the Fort. Those who spread Illegitimate rumors and Lies about Proven Warriorz, and anybody in general must be kept at a distance. In a place where warriors are Fighting the Olympics and the Survival of Red People and the Earth, those Hang-Arounds have a lot of Nerve and Ignorance to even talk about real Combatants, when they never been involved in any Warrior activities or operations & still make no effort to take part in any organized body of resistance. Drinking is also a main ‘hobby’ of these hang-arounds, something NYM Warriorz agreed never to touch; it is the piss from the white man.

NYM Warrior Societies live by Principles and Codes of Honor, Respect, and work everyday towards the Future and Survival. Either building, Harvesting and preserving food, training, gathering supplies for future, teaching the young ones, having babies Free of the System, educating the People, Learning Languages, tanning hides, Ceremonies, and other Warrior Operations. Look at how those who spread accusations and rumors live their lives, how are their kids?, their health?, are they self-sufficient?, if the lights went out would they know where to go?, if the stores are empty do they have food?, do they have honor?, do they have clean water to offer their children? do they fight the enemy with all their Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit?, the Earth is still being destroyed, and We are still alive, the War is not over, it’s just most do not have the courage to fight the real enemy, only their own People.

Native Youth Movement Un-Plugged:

“The Red Pill or the Blue Pill”

— Morpheus, Matrix

NYM is a Native Movement for and by Native People, and Young People in Particular. Only Native People can be NYM. All members of NYM are Native. Mixed-Bloods are a product of Colonization, they have blood from this Land, and not only have a right to Fight for it, and be NYM, they have a Duty, the same as any other Person with Ancestors who Bleed, Fought, Suffered and Died to continue Red Life. We do not care if blood has been mixed as a result of the white-man, we care if actions are mixed, if you say you’re a Proud Native but continue to live white way of life with no purpose other than money and greed, never thinking about the Future.

We say NO to self-termination, Love Native, Marry Native, do not let yourself be drowned in the melting pot, if you were born in it, jump out and Find your Warrior Spirit, and Warrior Spouse. We do Not recognize any White man boarders or countries, all who have Ancestors from North, South, Central, or Caribbean areas of the Western Hemisphere have a choice to make, to uphold their Responsibilities & Defend the Earth (Red Pill), or Ignore them and live and die with the fake man-made system (Blue Pill). All Natives are Sworn to Protect the Earth the day we are Born.

Many NYM Warriorz have Un-Plugged. Those who have made the choice to live with No I.D., No Credit cards, no papers, or white man’s job, no hospital visits, no courts, and move back to the Land, they live Life on the Run, but more Free than anybody in any City, or Rez. Remember the big picture, the city is only there temporarily, to get the resources and be gone. One day very soon all will have to Un-Plug from the Shit-storm or not Survive.

The Internet has been denounced by many traditional People and most Indigenous people who live on the Land do not use it. But now many overstand it will only be here for a short time and its only purpose is to spread Information and education about each others struggles. Not to spread gossip, or talk about plans, or any unnecessary small talk.. Keep it Simple, and Keep it Real.

Everything Warriors do or recall to the people, War Stories and Accusations alike, are done in front of witnesses, this is how confusion is avoided, and truth comes out. The internet and rumors are the exact opposite, they are sneaky and deceitful with no one around to defend themselves. There is a difference between constructive criticism and gossip. Remember real Warrior ways, learn from the mistakes of those in the past, we have been Resisting the Enemy for 515 years, their objectives to have complete control will never change, a key strategy to control our emotions and feelings remains Lies, and Gossip, Divide and Conquer. Always be observant and look when dis-unity occurs, and when potentially good things go bad over words, that are usually lies, always find the source.

Fortunately those who continue to live unprincipled lives with lack of direction and purpose will be sitting on the gossip chat line, or at the café, getting high off caffeine, nicotine, and sugar, ‘chatting and gossiping with Warriorz names loosely leaving their lips and fingertips, when the Great Hurricane or Tsunami will take them out of this world for eternity.

When that time comes who was talking shit will not matter, talking shit means you’re not doing shit, wake up before it’s too late! Since the First Taino Warriorz crushed the Invading Spaniards Skull we’ve been Resisting, and 515 Years Later we won’t Stop! We Won’t Stop till we win! It’s 515! See you in 2010! Nos Vemos en 2010!

Unity with Mapuche Warrior Arrested in Chile and all Mapuche Prisoners of War! Free the Warriorz of Oaxaca and Atenco! Freedom to all Native and African Prisoners of War! Warriorz Unite! Stop the extradition of John Graham! Free Leonard Peltier! Stop Drinkin! Stop Snitchin! Stop Gossiping! Cancel the 2010 Olympics! Pray for Rain! Do not believe hear say! Take Back Our Land! Long Live the Zapatistas! NYM Red Power!