Title: In Greece, Here, Elsewhere, Everywhere
Author: Non Fides
Date: 2008
Source: Retrieved on July 27, 2009 from www.non-fides.fr
Notes: Leaflet found in France, December 2008, from Non Fides N.3

It’s already a while since Greece exploded. Demonstrations, riots, fires, shops and banks destroyed, robberies, cops attacked, occupations of town halls, schools, universities... It propagates in all directions, in every town, a big part of the population is involved.

Acts of support for the Greek rioters multiply elsewhere in Europe and throughout the world: in London, Berlin, Istanbul, Bordeaux, Rome, New York, Paris, Moscow, in New Zealand, Uruguay, Cyprus, Scandinavia... consulates and embassies are occupied, police stations and banks attacked, cars burnt, graffitis of support flourish all over the walls. All this in order to express international solidarity with the Greeks fighting: for the proliferation of the riots, of the strikes, of the occupations, or of all of them at the same time. Also because we all know that the living conditions, the exploitation, the inequalities and the state violence are not only reserved for the Greeks. Here and everywhere else the problems are the same.

But the solidarity must also confront its share of repression: arrests, identification of protesters, increasing surveillance, mass police occupations using various excuses — emergency anti-terror plans here, a bomb scare there...

It was the death of a 15-year-old anarchist which put the spark to the gunpowder, as the media explained, but the gunpowder was there for a long time, in all areas of life, as is the case in every part of the world. The average salary in Greece is about 700 euros while the cost of living is as high as in France; tourism commands... The “crisis” doesn’t sort out anything, just as the corrupt governments and their racist and violent police force don’t. Greece has also already used the threat of the general strike... general... for a general exasperation, a craving to push things, not one single professional sector, not a part or a guild, but rather to change the whole system...

And here? What’s happening here? More or less the same stuff, the same shit... here, too, the police kills and capitalism chokes everyone to death. A hail of catastrophic reforms, the high school students’ revolt, police in the schools and high schools, 65,000 people in jail, beatings in the police stations, charges of terrorism, the hunt on immigrants, on immigrants without documents, the police/state indexing of the population, high-velocity embourgeoisement of urban areas, 500 people sacked every day. The stock exchanges collapse but the bosses go up and the state bails out banks to the sound of billions of euros... The homeless continue dying silently in the streets. People regularly demonstrate, strikes flourish everywhere... the health sector, education... but always in sectors, never together...

The different powers of this world know how to form an alliance in order to dominate us.

Many Greeks take to the streets to shout their rebellion.

Of course not everything has changed, but it’s a beginning...

...So what are we waiting for?

War on capital, everywhere, now!