Title: I Like a Spirit
Topics: Japan, poetry
Date: 1918
Source: www.ne.jp
Notes: Originally published in 1918. English translation was done by Le Libertaire Group in 1979 (“A Short History of The Anarchist Movement in Japan,” The Idea Publishing House; Tokyo, Japan, p.132).

I like a spirit. But I feel a repugnance when it is theorized. Under process of theorizing, it is often transformed into a harmony with social reality, a slavish compromise, and a falsehood.

It is a rare thing that a thought is as it is. Still, it is few of action emerged from a spirit directly.

In this sense, I like Minpon Shyugi and Jindo Shugi (Humanitarianism) advocated ambigously by those of literary circle.

But when they are asserted by those of law or politics, I am disgusted with them. I abhor socialism, even anarchism induces me to uneasiness.

I like at the most a blind action of a human being or an expression of spirit.

Let freedom be for an idea, Let freedom be for an action, Still, let freedom be for a motive!