Title: Anarchist solidarity with the people of Ukraine
Author: Prameń
Date: 25 February 2024
Source: Retrieved on 27th June 2024 from pramen.io

On February 24, hundreds of anarchists in several cities across Europe took to the streets in solidarity with the people of Ukraine on the second anniversary of the start of full-scale Russian invasion. The Anarchist Bloc was at actions in Warsaw, Vilnius, Berlin, Tbilisi, Vienna and Zurich. It was important for us to express words of support to people from Ukraine, whose country has been tormented by the Kremlin’s aggression for two years, to applaud the steadfastness of all those who oppose this aggression with weapons in their hands, especially our comrades.

At the actions we included audio messages from anarchists, who right now are holding back the occupants on the fronts of Ukraine, urged people not to stand aside from this confrontation and to make maximum efforts for the victory of Ukraine. We paid special attention to international solidarity and the power of grassroots participation in helping the Ukrainian people, to the development of self-organized structures within Ukraine as the sprouts of a new society based on equality and mutual aid.

The opposite of such a society can be exemplified not only by the darkness of Russian imperialism, but also by the hypocritical, selfish behavior of Western politicians, who cover themselves with Ukraine as a shield and try to make maximum profit from the situation. Trading with both warring parties, buying Ukrainian real estate for next to nothing, and political showmanship are just a partial list of such hypocrisy. Another manifestation of this is pushing Ukraine towards a ceasefire on unfavorable terms. At rallies in different cities, anarchists said firmly: “A thin peace is a prologue to war!” We must use the strength and determination of grassroots society to oppose imperialism not only in Ukraine, but all over the world.

Until everyone is free!

Greetings fellow comrades, thank you for gathering.

We are antifa militants, trade unionists and anarchists, but for the last two years, we have been soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Nowadays there is frustration and uncertainty in the media about the ongoing war and successes of Ukraine. Fake preachers of peace call for negotiations but, in effect, they want to give Russia precious treasure, the land they already occupied. Such a kind of fragile peace means endless terror and is far worse than war.

We ask you to not believe in such words, wherever they came from, whether from the Stalinist side, from the neo-Nazi side, or from the mainstream liberal media. We ask you to ask your government to provide all the weapons and military aid to Ukrainians which is needed right now. Supporting Ukraine just not to lose is hypocrisy. The modern Russian regime is extremely close to fascist and it must be defeated. We ask you to continue to support anti-authoritarian fighters among the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

We are dreaming about another world, but this world is not possible without the collapse of the Russian modern state. We are laying down our lives for it and we ask you to join this battle. Keep on fighting, comrades.

Salute to all European comrades out there.

My call sign is Hengist and I am a Ukrainian anarchist fighting against Russian imperialist aggression. I am in one of the hundreds of Ukrainian villages and towns that were devastated by the Russian army. This is exactly what we call “liberation, denazification and the Russian order”, but their liberation is about ruins, murder, rape, torture, looting and the kidnapping of simple Ukrainian civilians, which are harmless, non-combatant and peaceful. Their denazification claims the total supremacy of so-called Russian civilization over other languages and cultures, which are claimed to be non-existent.

The Russian order is based on prisons, torture chambers and a total terror state imposed over individuals. They want to control your body, your mind and your whole life. If Ukraine falls, that disease will spread further. And be sure that no one who wants to live, think or act free will be safe. That’s why we have fought for two years, going through mad bombings, artillery hell, and the crush of infantry like 10 to 1.